Oil Pipe Line Plug in Dane County

The Keystone Pipeline has become the “smoke and mirrors” distraction from the real threat in our own back yard –
Enbridge’s Clipper/Southern Access/Southern Lights aka “Line 61”.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is rejecting calls for environmental review of the increased capacity, despite the fact it would make the pipeline significantly larger than the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.Minnpost

The whole project is currently plugged. It is stalled as it awaits a decision from the Dane County Zoning and Regulation Committee. Who knew?

Below is a graphic of the full project as drawn in 2008.


Actually, two pipelines are being put in: a 42-inch pipeline that will carry crude oil mostly from Western Canada but also from Montana and North Dakota. There also is a 20-inch pipeline for light hydrocarbons — called diluent — STOP Hold for clarificatrion

Condensate is the most often used diluent in transporting crude oil in western Canada.
Condensate is considered a “dangerous good”, and is classified as a highly toxic substance by the federal government. It is highly flammable, and under certain conditions, explosive. It is toxic in its liquid form, and vapours are extremely toxic also.
Enbridge and Pembina Pipelines have both proposed to transport condensate through pipelines crossing Northern
British Columbia.Diluent and Condesate Fact Sheet

CONTINUED FROM ABOVE …from the refineries and other suppliers in the Chicago area to be shipped to Western Canada.There it will be blended with the heavy crude oil produced up there to dilute it enough to make it transportable by pipeline. (What could go wrong?)
“So it will be like one big recycling loop.”

The first 321 miles of that dual pipeline that runs in Wisconsin from Superior to a pumping station in Whitewater was completed last April. (2008) The section from Whitewater to the Flanagan terminal north of Pontiac is scheduled for completion by Wednesday, April 1.

Enbridge bores under major highways, roads and even rivers to install the pipeline.The completed 42-inch pipe will have the capacity to transport 400,000 more barrels of crude oil per day.
Look for “Spring completion seen for oil pipeline” sqwalk

400,000 barrels of crude oil on the wall, what should happen if one should fall?
So how much oil is 400,000 barrels? The tanker trucks you pass the expressway hold about 250 barrels. So, 100 x 250 is 20,500 barrels or 100 trucks full. So now think of 400,000 barrels moving just beneath the surface.The pipe line will move two million gallons per hour (50 million gallon per day) and is working under a 2007 environmental review which only considered the the former 16.8 million gallons per day of oil that the pipeline initially carried and which was pumped a lower pressure.

The 2007 environmental review only considered the original 16.8 million gallons per day of oil that the pipeline initially carried, not the 50 million gallons per day that will flow through it by 2016. It also took place before the Kalamazoo River spill, which provided many lessons about pipelines, rivers, and the sticky tar sands oil flowing through it, which seems to sink in water.

Pipeline companies have introduced expansion projects on existing pipelines in a covert manner, working on the idea that since the line has been in place for years, it can be enlarged and upgraded with little resistance – as long as the new threats of the much larger capacity pipe are kept quiet. Line61siteThe recent pipe line rupture near the Yellowstone River caused people in the St Croix river watershed new alarm. And big mining and big oil company lawyers are master of manipulation. The pipe is already in the ground. All the work was done long before the permitting process was finalized. The photo above was pulled from google maps and was taken in 2007. You can go there and “walk around” the site as it was then. Chances are that now, all of the piping, trenching, and any other sign of their pipeline is long since buried below the ground and just above the water table.

line61DaneCLICK to enlarge

A CUP is the Conditional Use Permit being considered.

PETITION: CUP 2291 APPLICANT: WISCONSIN ELECTRIC POWER / ENBRIDGE ENERGY LOCATION: 5635 CHERRY LANE, SECTION 14, TOWN OF MEDINA CUP DESCRIPTION: pumping station for an existing petroleum pipeline See Dane County Zoning and Regulation Committee – PDF doc

Multi big money project pluged by Dane County

You can bet the Dane County Zoning and Regulation Committee is under more pressure than a molecule of Condensate in a Enbridge pipeline. Walker’s DNR has washed their hands of the matter, and it is more than unlikely that an administration that has outlawed the use of the words “climate change” are going to come to the aid of people concerned with a watershed. You can learn more about actions and meetings to oppose the permitting of Wisconisin’s Keystone Pipe line at Stop the Expansion of Enbridge's Tar Sands Line 61 in Wisconsin Community on face book.


2 thoughts on “Oil Pipe Line Plug in Dane County

  1. On April 13th federal Administrative Law Judge Lipman decided to recommend approval of Enbridge’s Sandpiper route (ND to MN to WI) because the way “rules & laws are written does not allow for
    the issues of climate change, leaving the fossil fuels in the ground and avoiding highly sensitive environments to be considered,
    and [suggested] that maybe the PUC would want to change its rules.”
    Comment 2: http://www.midwestenergynews.com/2015/04/13/bakken-pipeline-meets-stiff-opposition-in-minnesota/comment-page-1/#comment-199825
    Pipeline peril is surely a major item for discussion in every Great Lakes state and is one reason the Kochcorruption brothers throw money at Walker. It is the Great Lakes people’s responsibility to organize against the pipelines…like this: http://tarsandssolutions.org/member-blogs/video-weve-reached-our-boiling-point


  2. Carmina, As you say: “You can bet the Dane County Zoning and Regulation Committee is under more pressure than a molecule of Condensate in an Enbridge pipeline” …so eloquently…and Dane County committee was also braver than the judge who, under intense pressure approved Enbridge’s greatly opposed Sandpiper line from N.D. through northern Minnesota to the very sacred Lake Superior and through our beloved Wisconsin territory..
    …does dilbit on a stick burn when it’s lit, like a sparkler on 4th of July?


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