The Trickle Down of “Sour Grapes”

Walker’s cuts in taxes to the wealthiest slice of folks, including the two richest people in Wisconsin, John Menard, and Diane Hendricks, have yet to open any channel that might “trickle” some advantage to the middle class. Read Candidate Walker’s Stakeholders Instead, Walker’s anti-union, anti-education, anti-women, anti-Obama Care has put Wisconsin at or near Walker_sour the bottom of all economic indicators including jobs, median income, and evaluations of a good place to live. Finally, his popularity polls are beginning to reflect that dissatisfaction – even among republicans, and his most ardent supporters.

Finally, Sour Grapes are trickling Down

It’s easy to disregard unethical tactics when you agree with the policies. So what if Walker cheated, he lowered my property taxes. Remember the TV adds before Walker’s Recall Election – the teachers against the black background suggesting the whole effort was “sour grapes” after Barret lost the gubernatorial election?
Sour Grapes Ferments Cheap Whining

“A man who says what he means, and means what he says?” says Kristi

Now, 78% of people disapprove of Walker’s cuts in aid to public schools. That’s a big number, and one that must include many who blindly supported him in spite of his tactics. The things he was saying, his bold reforms held the promise to carry the day. Walker was a reformer, a doer, a man who dared to step up an put unions in there place. The national media and tea party republicans are now tantalized by that same false enchantment as he leads the polls among presidential candidates. Ok, it took five years for the sour grapes to trickle down into the wine of state republicans. Now that the first bottles of “Walker de fume” are meeting lips, they are spitting it out like a bug in the mouth.

Walker’s approval rating dropped to 41%, down from 49% in the last poll on Oct. 26

Since Marquette’s polling began in January 2012, Walker’s lowest job approval rating was 46% in September 2012.
Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, 53% of registered voters said the state is now headed down the wrong track, while 43% believe it’s headed in the right direction.

78% of voters opposed Walker’s plan to cut aid to schools by $127 million.

70%, oppose Walker’s plan to cut $300 million to the University of Wisconsin System.

50% said they oppose the Right to Work law
A total of 60% said they oppose plans by Walker to take away the policymaking powers of the seven-member DNR board.
Journal Sentinal

Pass along the tainted wine

Funny how the national media loves to recite the mantra “Scott Walker won 3 elections in 4 years”. Pretty impressive – except they fail to mention that he remains under walker_cain_ kochinvestigation for, at least two of those elections. But, Walker just dismisses the negatives as local politics or “sour grapes”. Oh, and he was out of Wisconsin a his “trade mission” when the poll came out.

He is currently at the point that another Koch supported presidential candidate was in the early months of his run. Remember Herman Cain? He was running high until all those sour grapes regarding his sexual indiscretions came to light. And Walker has other skeletons in his closet beyond the rattling bones of John Doe, like the abandoned child he left behind when he was a student at Marquette, a fact that was first brought to light before his recall election. Now, the identity of the child and the mother are known, but the information is being withheld at her request.

The poll holds some long awaited promise for progressives who have struggled to enlighten Walker’s staunch supporters through protest, recalls, and social media. In politics, the ends do not justify the means. When unethical political maneuvers are ignored or dismissed in favor of message, the very foundation of all politics and democracy remains compromised. Eventually, the slow moving arc of the moral compass bends back and the same corrupted morality that was dismissed, now leaves all – republicans, democrats, men, women, black, white – with no recourse. The advance toward plutocracy may seem a sweet ride until your child’s public school is faltering, and tuition at the state universities is beyond middle-class means, and it is too late. The democratic process dependent on one person one vote, and a vigorous debate of issues by opposing interests – is gone. It’s been given away in favor of momentary favorable wind which seemed so sweet at the time. Soon, it is too late. The old bridge of democracy has been burned in favor of “freedom” on the other side, and we stand back, powerless. Now, it is all so many “sour grapes” to a new brave world.


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