GOP got you down? How to survive as an activist.

How easy it is for the glass to appear “half empty”.

I listen to many people who simply admit they cannot talk about politics. I ask them, “Why?”, and I get an answer something like, “I just get too upset and after awhile, I get so angry, I just need to drop it all together”.

If we look at the activists that weDennis pictures listen to and admire, (For me Rachel Maddow comes to mind) we see them day after day. It appears they never need to drop out for long periods of time and they seem to be able to keep an “up” flavor to the never-ending stories and examples of greed, hypocrisy, lies, cheating, injustice, sexism, racism, homophobia, and…and…and…I am hyperventilating here.

So how do some activists do it? How are they able to read, research and report on all the ills of the world the flesh and the devil, day after day, while maintaining a lightness, and even a smile?

It is because they are able to stay in touch with a certain playfulness behind the dark cloud of an insane world. You can bet that this same attitude of playfulness is not only expressed in their moments before the camera or debate, but this same lightness is part of “who they are”. It pervades all the moments of their life.

So, do you have this attitude? How do you deal with the constant negativity that comes with observing lies and injustice? Take the quiz below. It is not the least bit scientific or meant to be taken too awful seriously. Yet, it may give you a glimpse at your own attitude of playfulness in your life.

Try it and see. You can only score “ok” at the very worst. So, take the quiz and enjoy yourself.

What we play is life.
– Louis Armstrong

I’ve been teaching and working with improvisors for forty years while observing and searching for the spark, the tick, the itch of playfulness. Cover9-12The result is the book “Secrets of ‘funny’ – Meet Your Playful Self”. It is all about bringing your playful self into your daily life without ever walking on a stage to perform.

Now, when I announce a Meet Your Playful Self workshop, I state that it is not necessary for you to want to perform in front of an audience in order to participate. We will take the quote of Viola Spolin a step further and edit out: – in the theatre and learn to become stage worthy. In fact, she predicted in a later interview for Public Radio, that a time would come, even though she may not be around to witness it, when people would get together to play these games. The focus of this book, is to provide you with a working guide.
Another implication of the title of this book is: since you are about to meet your playful self, you may not really know that part of yourself very well. You and your playful self may have noticed each other from time to time, or you may have experienced playful moments on occasion, but never been formally introduced. This book is about making that introduction – You will Meet Your Playful Self while waving across the room at funny.
Everyone can enjoy becoming more aware, intuitive and playful through the paths detailed in this book. Everyone can locate, develop, and create intuitive and playful moments in their lives and relationships.

You can look inside the book on Amazon, or download it for $3.99.

You can join the on-going workshop in Madison, Wisconsin. ARK Improv at Tempo Dance Studio


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