Drug test Diane Hendricks

Have you noticed? For some reason all of the tax subsidies given to the wealthiest few in Wisconsin do not seem to be trickling down (no pun intended). Since the wealthiest man and women in Wisconsin, John Menard (lower left) and Diane Hendricks (right), have gained millions of dollars of benefits in tax breaks in the reign of Scott Walker – where is the trickle? Do you see it? What are they doingHendricks_Drugtest with their benefits? But…NOOoooo. (with the best John Belushi inflection) The GOP legislators are going after the small potatoes. You know, some single mom who might be trying to sneak through the check out with a 12 pack of Leinenkugel’s on her Quest Card , when who knows what Hendricks and Menard might be up to. How many six packs and discount packs of cigarettes could you buy for the millions awarded Diane and John?

The taxpayers of Wisconsin are being taken to the cleaners by salaried legislators who are squandering legislative time and money to impose laws on the poorest when they could be going after the big fish. Who knows what Diane and John are doing with all the cash they are holding at the expense of taxpayers?

Walker claims to have been told this stuff by God:

If you’re being helped by state programs like FoodShare or even Medicaid, you’d better be drug free. That’s the message from Governor Scott Walker. Walker is following through on his campaign promise to require drug testing for public aid recipients in Wisconsin and limiting how long they can receive benefits.Better be Drug Free – News 6

Tax subsidized millionaires must be identified and drug tested

But who is more of a “public aid recipient” than Diane and John? Walker does not have a monopoly on conversations with God, and my higher power tells me a story about the difficulty of the wealthy to gain entrance into the kingdom of heaven. You know the camel and eye of the needle thing. It is time to help unfortunate wealthy out. They must be taxeddrugJohn-Menard and drug tested. Look at the huge tax subsides provided John and Diane compared to the mom at Walmart with toddlers in hand. Not only would we spare the most unfortunate few further shame and embarrassment, but the eye of the needle would be greased a bit. Maybe they could slip right on through to the kingdom of heaven.


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