Who is buried in John Doe’s Tomb?

Who is is buried in John Doe’s tomb? What lies hidden behind the moss covered door of secrecy? The heavy seal of silence has been clamped on the sepulcher for five years… and some hear rumblings, knocking in the dark. Some have beheld visions of a dark phantasma of power johndoe_tomband greed coming to terms with itself. But what is buried in John Doe’s tomb? Have we become circling animals in pursuit of our own tail? If we could but catch the fury tip just inches ahead and hold it in our warm mouth, what would we find?

“A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.” – Charles Dickens

Andy Warhol suggests: “I’m afraid that dickens walker3if you look at a thing long enough, it loses all of its meaning.” – Andy Warhol. Has the John Doe investigation become the incubus in which all the dissension of Right and Left has become centered and held? The secrecy itself has shifted purpose and advantage. It began as a means to gather evidence from parties who would remain anonymous by law, offering the advantage of discovery without public interference. This practice was chastised by the conservative right as an infringement and unfair advantage for investigators. Now, that same argument has sifted a sharp 180 degrees. Now, the wormy incubus has somersaulted into the complaint that evidence gathered, in what they call “a raid”, must be held secret. So, first the secrecy was an infringement on their rights, now the same secrecy must be preserved or it will be an infringement on their rights.

Of course, I am no lawyer just as they are no scientists, but the flip-flop and counter revolution seems to suggest that Dickens and Warhol have hit on the answer. What is left to be done? What threat is hidden within the minds of men? The best practice seems blatantly obvious.

An editorial in the Journal Sentinel is asking both side to open the records:

It is time for both sides to ask the court to open records from the “John Doe” investigation for public inspection.Open John Doe investigation of Gov. Scott Walker to the public

Or shall we continue to pursue the profound secret and mystery of each other and just agree to call it “John Doe”? It may be counter productive, but the search for mystery in the context of Dickens may hold the truth. Perhaps, the phantasma of John Doe is an echo from another dark chapter in Wisconsin history. Could it be?


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