Walker Creates New Jobs – IN MEXICO

Walker just created nearly 100 new jobs – in Mexico. In order to create the jobs in Mexico, tax payers lost $370,000 and 98 employees at Eaton in Watertown fordummiesWEDCwill be looking forward to a drug test, and checking to be sure they have a valid ID so they can collect unemployment compensation. Their jobs will be “outsourced” to workers in Tijuana, Mexico. It is interesting to note that Walker carried Watertown by 2 to 1 in the November General Election. 2916 Burke; 6102 Walker.

The jobs were sent to Mexico, while Walker is in Iowa, or New Hampshire, or South Carolina, and as he is making plans to travel to Israel next week. And this wasn’t the first time Eaton shipped jobs out of Wisconsin to Mexico.

A 27 News investigation from July 2014 (before the November general election) found that Eaton Corp. had received over $190,000 in WEDC tax credits despite laying off 163 employees at its Cooper Power Systems plant in Pewaukee in April 2013. The company moved those jobs to Mexico as well.Eaton Outsourcing WKOW

The WEDC in the quote above stands for Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, which was hailed to be the well oiled machine that would turn out 250,000 new jobs promised by Walker at the beginning of his first term. Remember? Walker said recently that if you want to understand his approach to government in Wisconsin to look at the Kohls retail organization. No. Look at WEDC. The WEDC is Walker. It is defined as a quasi governmental agency. Quasi? Supposedly, seemingly, apparently, allegedly, ostensibly? It is little more than another secret email network through which Walker can award wealthy campaign donors with tax credits and loans with little or no transparency. It is a trickle down, card trick, wash-me-down that has left Wisconsin in the low range of all economic indicators of jobs creation, Pew’s median income survey, Forbe’s Best Place to do Business survey and survey of mortgages under water. (right)

Mortgages under water
The national average is 16.9%

Milwaukee 35%
Marquette 28%
Racine 25%
Kenosha 25%
Rock 21%
Pierce 20%
Juneau 20%
Sheboygan 19%
St Croix 19%
Dodge 18%
Manitowoc 18%
Walworth 17%

WEDC is to Walker what the George Washington Bridge is to Chris Christie. Sure the bridge closure in New Jersey on the first day of school plays better as a story, while the scandal of the WEDC is embedded in a four year long historical narrative of GWbridgetrioadministrative incompetence, pay-to-play cronyism, and systematic upheavals that eclipse the closure of the GW Bridge. WEDC is Walker’s baby. He dissolved the decades old Department of Commerce to show the world his reform of the century. You know, sort of government agency for those who hate government. Who needs accounting? What oversight?, and all those liberal protections?

It is a Class A, Number 1 FAILURE! Too bad it doesn’t hold camera greedy pictures, or the high power of East Coast capitalism, but it is all there, just waiting to be exposed as the true picture of the stunning incompetence of Scott Walker. Waiting… waiting… waiting.


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