Da “GOP”

Note: GOP is pronounced like “Prop”

The GOP is a creature
That has no spine
And feeds on itself
Most of the time.

When full of itself
A GOP myth is told
To scare more GOPS
To enter the fold.GOP

They tell tales of war
And approaching doom
A terror is approaching
It’s coming real soon!

Hungry people are coming
To steal your bounty
The thugs are moving
On the edge of your county!GOP

The GOP will save you
Send us your funds
Or the people of color
Will take all your guns!

The liberals are thugs
Who kill their own babies
The Bible is truth
No And’s, If’s, or Maybe’s!

Preserve your freedomGOP
Don’t let them tread
Or you’ll find a Manson
Under your bed!

So, this is how
GOP gathers the crowd
By stamping of feet
And crying out loud.

GOP knows its a lie
How could it be true?
They have a big feast
For the red, white, and blue.

(Play the Star Spangled Banner here)


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