Badger 4 – 3 Justice Lottery

In the Wisconsin Supreme Court you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket.

Tickets for the high court lottery are not sold at your local convenience store and cost upwards of a million dollars each. Since 2007 Wisconsin Club for Growth and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce have spent almost eight million dollars to elect the conservative majority of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Put that in your local public school budget!


Wisconsin drives the crony court clown car

An article in the zine with the funny cartoons, just wrote a story that epitomizes the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as a shining example of the latest production of the “Emperors New Clothes” peopled with judicial hand-me-downs who might just be fingering their genitalia beneath their black robes. Of course, it was put in more professional journalistic jargon:

A justice is not required to disqualify himself from a case even when one of the lawyers or the parties made a campaign contribution to him or an independent expenditure on his behalf during an election.

Patience Drake Roggensack, (pictured as big clown below) now the chief justice, wrote for the conservative majority in a 4-3 (LOTTERY) vote justice_clownin favor of the rule, “We elect judges in Wisconsin; therefore, judicial recusal rules have the potential to impact the effectiveness of citizens’ votes cast for judges. Stated otherwise, when a judge is disqualified from participation, the votes of all who voted to elect that judge are cancelled for all issues presented by that case.” The Destruction of the Wisconsin Supreme Court
By Lincoln Caplan

Chief Clown says that if a justice is taken off a case, that somehow, voters are being disenfranchised – funny because this is similar to the argument that Shirley Abrahamson is using to hold on to her position as Chief Justice – that she was “elected” as Chief Justice by voters, and should remain so for her full term. But in the Wisconsin Clown Court what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. Not in Wisconsin. Not any more.

So the Badger 4-3 Lottery justices decided that only they can decide to recuse themselves from a case, even if they have enjoyed million dollar campaign contributions from the very folks named in the case! That’s right. The big bucks donors, Wisconsin Club for Growth and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, are parties in the John Doe case! The 4-3 Lottery Justices, who have been bought and paid for, insist they can and will be judicious and nonpartisan. I guess we are supposed to swallow this based upon the confidence instilled in all us by the 4-3’s recent history? Like Justice Prosser calling Abrahmason a “bitch” one day and choking Justice Bradley the next. Oh yeah, we can have full confidence in these clowns who have said and done things that would get them fired from the local convenience store. Yet, we are to rest assured they will not be so juvenile as to be intimidated my money when making decisions.

I already made my prediction on April 15 in the post John Doe goes to Washington Progressives will not win the lottery. Couldn’t afford a ticket.

In some short span of time on an appropriate news dump day, probably Friday May 22 or the Friday before the Memorial Day weekend, the ruling on John Doe will be released. Any guesses? Will the laboratory of plutocracy finally prove full control over all three branches of government in Wisconsin. Happy Memorial Day!


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