OH Canada ON Wisconsin

Government just not being run right. Alberta finally tired of Progressive Conservatives

A political climate is as unique and unpredictable as next month’s weather, but certainly we can learn from the Alberta upset, or at least, inhale a fresh gasp of hope to know that Walker can be squashed. The legislature will not stifle him, the courts are owned by the plutocrats. Where is the remedy?

Partly it’s just a fascinating political story. Alberta is the conservative heart of Canada, with an economy dominated by the oil industry. shoedroprecallThe Conservative party has held power there for 43 years. On Tuesday, everything changed. The New Democratic Party (NDP), a labor-left party long on the political sidelines, unexpectedly won a majority of seats in the provincial legislature (in part because two right-wing parties split the vote). Imagine if liberal Democrats suddenly controlled the Texas statehouse. And had a supermajorityAlberta’s shocking election

Or imagine if liberal Democrats suddenly controlled the WISCONSIN statehouse? And had a supermajority? What can progressives in the U.S. and Wisconsin learn from the Alberta political upset? The liberal platform that fracked and shook the conservative politics in Alberta sounds like a message ripe for Wisconsin:

NDP winner, Rachel Notley, said in her victory speech. “I believe that change has finally come to Alberta.” running on a platform of increasing funding for the province’s schools and hospitals, the new government will need to move fast to fulfill some promises. “We are committed to making sure those 12,000 kids have teachers in September,” NPD wins majority

Every passing minute of every day my face book page is filled with Walker’s Budget, Walker’s union busting, Walker’s attack on the DNR, Health Care, Women’s Health – Walker, Walker, Walker. This blog is full of the same such litany, and guess what? It all seems to play into the plutocratic “Divide and Conquer” strategy that has dumped people from Badger Care, closed Planned Parenthood clinics, allowed for concealed carry – and there goes the damn litany again. The shocking shift to liberal control of Alberta was the result of a split in the conservatives, and a faction of the right that got so fed up with a government that was not working that they switched over to the liberal candidates in a big way.

Was the first Recall too soon?

For me, remembering the result of the fist recall is akin to the worst kind of sad. No matter what issues were raised to drop Walker, and they were many and varied, the national press always and every time billed it as Unions vs. Walker. Today the climate has changed. Walker’s ratings have plummeted. Even the most conservative, “stand with walker” folks feel abandoned as he has left Wisconsin in the rear view of his personal ambition. A second recall of Walker would shift the conversation, especially since he is running for president. Just like Alberta, many Republican’s may split away from “bad government” in favor of change. Most importantly it would break the self defeating Walker-did-this litany, and move that energy into an active and dynamic action for change.

Still got your clip board?


One thought on “OH Canada ON Wisconsin

  1. Alright then, pitchforks in hand!
    Who can stand by as
    every sweet drop of
    is mined, pipe-
    lined —
    or recline
    one more day
    with brain blogclogged —
    while the sun, our star, sends truth
    …badgers waking up…


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