Walker’s Deflated Football

When power players, stars, and top dogs bend the rules or cheat or lie, how quickly the fans of Scott Walker and Tom Brady stand up to deny the allegations or dismiss the significance of a minor infraction like deflating a football or breaking the rules. wedc2But the arch of morality seems to be bending with a new tension toward justice and be less forgiving. Who knows why?

Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby took many by surprise in turning in indictments of police involved in the death of Freddie Gray. The NFL shocked the sports world by finally dropping the hammer on Tom Brady. The new torque of high sprung tension may be about to spring its rusty twang into the face of Scott Walker’s world.

Stand with Walker zealots and Patriots fans find secret email networks and deflated footballs little more than trivial complaints from liberals and losers, dismissing wrong doing with barbs like, “So what?” or “Everyone does it.” or “Sour grapes!”. Ok. billboardBut in the case of Scott Walker the skeleton of incompetence and rule bending is beginning to rattle so loudly that it can be heard all the way to Israel – or at least in Green Bay and Milwaukee where the Democrats have put up bill boards calling Walker home to take care of business.(left) billboards

The skeleton is Walker’s Wisconsin Development Corporation which he created to replace the Department of Commerce. The dry bones of poor management, cloudy transparency, and tricky accounting have rattled the “jobs agency” since its inception, but recently have set up a new din of discontent. A report by the Legislative Audit Bureau found the WEDC failed to follow the law and its own policies in awarding taxpayer-funded incentives to companies. This is the second time Walker’s WEDC has broken the law. Most recently Walker created 100 jobs in Mexico as Eaton in Watertown laid off 98 employees after lapping up $370,000 in tax incentives!

Even Walker was forced to swallow back his big plan to expand the scope of the WEDC.

After hearing concerns from legislators, stakeholders, and the WHEDA and WEDC Boards, we asked legislators to remove the proposed agency mergers from the state budget and we asked the bill authors to not move forward with the proposed separate legislation … Given the issues raised at the recent joint WEDC/WHEDA board meeting, it is not the appropriate time to pursue these proposals.WPR

Suspend Walker from the game

More likely than not, Walker knew about the illegal email network that was near “County Executives office door which got his closest associates indicted as “deflators”. More likely than not Walker knew about the activities of Club for Growth during the Recall Elections. When a report came out that it was “more likely than not” that Tom Brady knew about the deflated footballs, he was suspended and the Patriots were fined a million dollars. Does it make sense that the NFL takes major steps to preserve integrity of the game, while no action is taken to preserve the integrity of elections and management of tax payer dollars? The integrity of professional football is more sacred than the operation of our state government?

It is not only likely, but documented that Walker broke the law on two separate occasions and the infractions are described and itemized as fact in reports by Legislative Audit Bureau. It is not “more than likely” he deflated the balls and broke the law – it is documented. Twice! And he is running around the world on the same taxpayers dime, that he disabused through mismanagement? What is so terribly wrong with this picture? “So what?” or “Everyone does it.” or “Sour grapes!” – excuses do not wash. Walker Tom Scott Brady must be suspended and called to account.


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