Moliere coming to Madison

A playful romp through the life, love and work of MOLIERE.

Because we need to laugh!

Since I first performed Orgon in “Tartuffe” at the American Academy of Arts in NYC in 1974, I wanted to write bio-play about the life and work of Moliere. MolierecovnewsmFinally, in the Summer of 2013 I was researching his life to discover that Moliere was born in a house that was supported by a column carved with monkeys. His home was known as “the house of monkeys”. Yes. Monkeys! What if they came alive to tell the story of his life?

They did come alive as a monkey muse and the project was complete in just four weeks. The result is the play “Moliere – House of Monkeys”.

The ARK Company is planning for opening the world premiere production of “Moliere – House of Monkeys” in February of 2016.

Even if you know little or nothing of the French playwright Moliere, you will be enchanted by the telling of the story by three dancing, singing, and rather puckish monkeys as they come alive to peel at the life of Moliere like the skin from a succulent banana. The trio winds us Monkey cloumnthrough the loves, the controversies and scandals, while offering the funniest scenes of Moliere imagination into the monkey mix. We meet the lovers, Madeleine and Armande, the detractors Montfleury and De Vise, and witness the final scene of Moliere’s life as he plays Argan in the “Imaginary Invalid”.

The monkeys once carved on the front column of Moliere’s birthplace, come alive and take you on a the playful journey to the land of comedy and tragedy while lifting your heart to embrace the greatest comedian of Western Literature. Playful blog – Moliere House of Monkeys


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