Walker and Blatter stage puppet show!

When the leader of Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.(WEDC) and the President of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFI) team up to make the puppets dance you can be sure the strings of control will be burnished in gold.


You can see from the graphic above that Scott Walker’s expression is one of an apprentice’s respect for Sepp Blatter who has been manipulating men and boat loads of money through the FIFI for years. Walker’s WEDC has only been at it for a much shorter time, but he has bigger plans when he is president. The WEDC is just a model of plans to eliminate all of the cabinet positions in favor of his own Putin-like control of the United States Government. He will rely on the former Governor and newly indicted, Rick Perry, to make the cuts in five or four major departments of government.

Both puppeteers are masters of deception and can launder money faster than the Pope can forgive sins. Blatter pulls the strings of his Sargent Schultz puppet koch camel2and brings down the house with his German accented phrase, “I am not here. I know nothing. I see nothing.” Hilarious stuff.

Walker follows with with his Koch Bros. marionettes frantically attempting to pass through the eye of needle, while singing the show stopping song, “You’ll never pin it on us”.

The show is slated to open late this Summer and will play in many of the abandoned stadiums built by slave labor throughout the world… IF. If Walker and Stepp can stay our of jail. They both are under scrutiny for lying, cheating, stealing, and being a couple of nefarious thugs. But, they have managed escape from the rule of law many times in the past, and have access to all the money in the world to keep their little show
going. Yes. The show must go on!


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