It’s the Oligarchy (Economy) Stupid

“It’s the economy, stupid!” was the Clinton-Gore campaign slogan in 1992. There was a mild recession because of the transition from a wartime (Cold War) economy to a peacetime economy.Stentorian – 1992

Have trouble understanding the progressives’ failure to “fall in line” with Hillary? It is as simple as the 1992 campaign slogan of Bill, substituting just one word. OLIGARCHY. It is the oligarchy stupid.

Bernie Sanders lit fire as the first major candidate of the democratic party to expose the distribution of wealth as the elephant in hillary_downton4the room of all social unrest, political divisiveness. Bernie spoke emphatically to the primary threat to Democracy as defined by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. It seems you either “get it” or you don’t.

But why would you “get it”? My friend had cancer for months without knowing it. It was only an unrelated injury that prompted the x ray to reveal the spots on his lung. Okay. (Spoiler – Here comes the “cancer analogy”). To take it a step further, I admit I was blind to the cancer of oligarchy until Bernie began is primary campaign. You see, I believed the threat of the Oligarch was at Stage 2. Only when I saw the “x ray” as represented by the  reporting of the mainstream media and the collusion of the established Democratic Party, only then, was I forced to admit we were at Stage 4 Oligarchy. Until then I trusted the folks on MSNBC. I watched the Rachel Maddow show religiously. I believed in the democratic party and Bill Clinton, msnbc_cheerleaders3Barney Frank, Al Franken, and Tammy Baldwin. When presented with results of the x ray offered by Bernie Sanders and faced the doom of Stage 4 Oligarchy, I went through all the levels of grieving. Yes. It was painful. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance.

So, I no longer see the America or the world as I did a few months ago. I ask those who see the historical icon of the first woman President, and the real threat posed by Trump, to bear with me. I’ve come to acceptance that “It is the Oligarchy stupid”. The “stupid” is self directed. Sometimes the anger at myself comes out as an surly rant on face book, but  the truth is; I am angry with myself, mostly.  I have seen the awful diagnosis of Stage 4 Oligarchy. This is it. There is no time to experiment  with the therapy of “choosing the lesser evil” or “climbing aboard to beat Trump”. 

But let me share withbaldwin_berniephone you the event that “sealed the deal”, when Stage 4 Oligarchy was spoken so loud and clear that all power of denial was lost for good. It was the Wisconsin Democratic Primary.

Surely, if Bernie did well by the voters, the democratic establishment would represent their (large D) Democratic choice.  No. No. And NO. Three of the Super Delegates from Badger Land heard the voice of their constituents and denied them as quickly as a rooster can crow three times. I was slapped silly. kind_berniephoneHere in a state where democrats and progressives have been denied and muted for all the years of the reign of Scott Walker, surely we could count on the leaders of the democratic party to finally give us a hope for cheer. They would listen and honor the will of the people from the ultimate poll of polls; the ballot box. No. No. And NO. Super Delegates Ron Kind, Tammy Baldwin, and Gwen Moore all put the prevailing wind of the Oligarchy and party over the vote of the people they represent. They didn’t even apologize or waver overMoore_super their individual choice of Hillary over the overwhelming majority of the people of Wisconsin. No. No. And NO. I voted and trusted these people at every election and rally for years. That was it. No further doubt. Stage 4 Oligarchy.

The doctor walked slowly into my living room while MSNBC blared in the background with Chris Mathews delivering a bit of script supplied by the Hillary Campaign (documented in Wiki Leak emails) and stood silent for a moment. I knew what the diagnosis was, denial melted before he even spoke the words: “Stage 4 Oligarchy”.

Whether you agree with the diagnosis or not, this is where I live. It ain’t easy. I once enjoyed watching the day’s news on CNN and MSNBC and stayed up (I am a morning person these days) to watch The Rachel Maddow Show. No more. When you go Stage 4 the whole world changes. What once seemed truthful and entertaining, now smells of disingenuous babble. When you’ve gone Stage 4 there is no Hillary out there to save you. Hillary is the very Queen Oligarchy. At Stage 4 there is no more time for Hillary and the threat of Trump is a lesser evil than death of American Democracy. It has already been bought and trampled beyond recognition.

The last great hope is for a miracle at the democratic convention or the Green Party; the last two options for curing Stage 4 within the body politic.

So, if you are a Hillary supporter, please understand – It is the Oligarchy stupid.







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