Walker – Flip Flop or Sociopath

Way back in April of 2011 I first floated the idea Scott Walker displayed many of the characteristics of a sociopath as defined Profiles of a Sociopath.

It started out as a lark when walker flip flop_socI discovered the site: Profile of the Sociopath. It was funny, at first, as I began to read the characteristics of a such a personality. As I went down the list, the words seemed to be defining the behavior of the man who is the Governor. It got scary.Sociopathic Gov?

This list is below. You read it and tell me if I have become the crazy one: the creator of a conspiracy theory?
Profile of a Sociopath

Then I heard Nick Hanauer, a venture capitalist, who has advocated a $15 minimum wage and for raising taxes on people like him “to reward the true job creators,” ordinary middle-class consumers. Hanauer used the word “sociopath” to describe so many wealthy 1% when he recently appeared on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes.”

“These are the people who did not go to their kid’s soccer games. These are borderline sociopathic people and they don’t care about other people,” Hanauer said, to which Hayes responded, “I don’t want to diagnose anyone from afar, I just want to stipulate.”The sociopathic 1 percent: The driving force at the heart of the Tea Party – Salon

The Sociological Imagination

“The sociological Imagination” is a book authored by C. Wright Mills and lauded as the second most important sociological book of the 20th Century by the International Sociological Association.

Lately, however, we’ve been exposed to a completely opposite sort of imagination, one that sees only individuals in isolation, and seems incapable of grasping even the most basic of social facts connecting them with each other.(remind you of anyone) Call it “the sociopathic imagination,” because sociopaths are defined by their lack of empathy, conscience or any form of intuitive social awareness.

Wisconsinites been invited into the dark sociopathic imagination of Scott Walker through so many struggles, recall elections, and pay-to-play secret deals over the past four years, yet have made the mistake so many normal people fall prey to when dealing with a sociopath. They fail to understand the Walker mindset is devoid of empathy or conscience, for whom other people simply are not real, but are pawns in the dark imagination of a career climbing politician. All through the long four years of Walker’s mangling of Wisconsin to please his local base, progressives have been flagged on social media “sour grapes”, whining, and grumble guts. Ah, but what happens when the needs of the local Wisconsin base is supplanted by those of a national base? The sociopathic imagination shifts and changes, the path to new career goals embrace new players and what was true in pleasure of the Wisconsin base is “adjusted” as only a sociopath can, to please new pawns on a path to a bigger and better political career. Iowa, New Hampshire, and Washington!

The “American Thinker” blog does a marvelous job of outlining the various “flip flops of Scott Walker over the many years of his dark sociopathic imagination.

I’ve taken a lot of heat for reporting on the many, many inconsistencies and “evolutions” in Scott Walker’s positions, but I think Walker has finally broken an egg that can’t be re-shelled.
What makes this worse is not just that Walker can’t be trusted on amnesty and border security; he can’t be trusted on anything he says he believes in.
Is Scott Walker Done?

A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future. ~Author Unknown

The quote is especially true for Walker and his sociopathic imagination. Now that his career goal has shifted so has his message, and all those who spouted “sour grapes” at progressives are now having an epiphany. Now that his message has shifted to appeal to new national aspirations, his former pawn, his former Wisconsin base, is pissed. Or is Waukesha Freeman finally getting a bit of a taste of the “sour grapes” as outlined in an article in the Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative.

Wisconsin Republicans abandoning Scott Walker
On March 25, 2015, former editor of the Waukesha Freeman and conservative Pete Kennedy published an opinion piece in the paper urging Wisconsin conservatives to not only reject Scott Walker, but to hold him accountable for the damage he has done to the state.March 29, 2015 by Barbara With

A sociopathic imagination is believed by most of the people, most of the time

Unfortunately, the national media has missed the early innings of Scott Walker’s sociopathic game, and are experiencing his lies, and flip flops for the first time and scratching their heads. The people of Wisconsin, however, are hanging on by their finger nails as the state and its proud University System, its exemplary public school system, and long standing history of union rights – is being flushed down the toilet. All pawns in the dark sociopathic imagination of Scott Walker.