It’s the Oligarchy (Economy) Stupid

“It’s the economy, stupid!” was the Clinton-Gore campaign slogan in 1992. There was a mild recession because of the transition from a wartime (Cold War) economy to a peacetime economy.Stentorian – 1992

Have trouble understanding the progressives’ failure to “fall in line” with Hillary? It is as simple as the 1992 campaign slogan of Bill, substituting just one word. OLIGARCHY. It is the oligarchy stupid.

Bernie Sanders lit fire as the first major candidate of the democratic party to expose the distribution of wealth as the elephant in hillary_downton4the room of all social unrest, political divisiveness. Bernie spoke emphatically to the primary threat to Democracy as defined by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. It seems you either “get it” or you don’t.

But why would you “get it”? My friend had cancer for months without knowing it. It was only an unrelated injury that prompted the x ray to reveal the spots on his lung. Okay. (Spoiler – Here comes the “cancer analogy”). To take it a step further, I admit I was blind to the cancer of oligarchy until Bernie began is primary campaign. You see, I believed the threat of the Oligarch was at Stage 2. Only when I saw the “x ray” as represented by the  reporting of the mainstream media and the collusion of the established Democratic Party, only then, was I forced to admit we were at Stage 4 Oligarchy. Until then I trusted the folks on MSNBC. I watched the Rachel Maddow show religiously. I believed in the democratic party and Bill Clinton, msnbc_cheerleaders3Barney Frank, Al Franken, and Tammy Baldwin. When presented with results of the x ray offered by Bernie Sanders and faced the doom of Stage 4 Oligarchy, I went through all the levels of grieving. Yes. It was painful. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance.

So, I no longer see the America or the world as I did a few months ago. I ask those who see the historical icon of the first woman President, and the real threat posed by Trump, to bear with me. I’ve come to acceptance that “It is the Oligarchy stupid”. The “stupid” is self directed. Sometimes the anger at myself comes out as an surly rant on face book, but  the truth is; I am angry with myself, mostly.  I have seen the awful diagnosis of Stage 4 Oligarchy. This is it. There is no time to experiment  with the therapy of “choosing the lesser evil” or “climbing aboard to beat Trump”. 

But let me share withbaldwin_berniephone you the event that “sealed the deal”, when Stage 4 Oligarchy was spoken so loud and clear that all power of denial was lost for good. It was the Wisconsin Democratic Primary.

Surely, if Bernie did well by the voters, the democratic establishment would represent their (large D) Democratic choice.  No. No. And NO. Three of the Super Delegates from Badger Land heard the voice of their constituents and denied them as quickly as a rooster can crow three times. I was slapped silly. kind_berniephoneHere in a state where democrats and progressives have been denied and muted for all the years of the reign of Scott Walker, surely we could count on the leaders of the democratic party to finally give us a hope for cheer. They would listen and honor the will of the people from the ultimate poll of polls; the ballot box. No. No. And NO. Super Delegates Ron Kind, Tammy Baldwin, and Gwen Moore all put the prevailing wind of the Oligarchy and party over the vote of the people they represent. They didn’t even apologize or waver overMoore_super their individual choice of Hillary over the overwhelming majority of the people of Wisconsin. No. No. And NO. I voted and trusted these people at every election and rally for years. That was it. No further doubt. Stage 4 Oligarchy.

The doctor walked slowly into my living room while MSNBC blared in the background with Chris Mathews delivering a bit of script supplied by the Hillary Campaign (documented in Wiki Leak emails) and stood silent for a moment. I knew what the diagnosis was, denial melted before he even spoke the words: “Stage 4 Oligarchy”.

Whether you agree with the diagnosis or not, this is where I live. It ain’t easy. I once enjoyed watching the day’s news on CNN and MSNBC and stayed up (I am a morning person these days) to watch The Rachel Maddow Show. No more. When you go Stage 4 the whole world changes. What once seemed truthful and entertaining, now smells of disingenuous babble. When you’ve gone Stage 4 there is no Hillary out there to save you. Hillary is the very Queen Oligarchy. At Stage 4 there is no more time for Hillary and the threat of Trump is a lesser evil than death of American Democracy. It has already been bought and trampled beyond recognition.

The last great hope is for a miracle at the democratic convention or the Green Party; the last two options for curing Stage 4 within the body politic.

So, if you are a Hillary supporter, please understand – It is the Oligarchy stupid.







Walker Charged with Embezzlement

Yes. I am making the charges here and now. Anyone want to join me? Scott Walker is little more than a thief hiding in plain sight, unless I am not understanding the meaning of the word: “embezzlement”.
noun: embezzlement; plural noun: embezzlements
  1. theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one’s trust or belonging to one’s employer.
    “charges of fraud and embezzlement”

Visualize Justice

When was Scott Walker authorized to remove funds walker_arrested2from the state treasury for his private use? Can anyone point to such an authorization or legislative action ? Why do the Democrats and the press treat this crime as some sort of “cute” political anomaly? Scott Walker is a thief, an embezzler hiding in plain sight. One of the few slap-on-the-hand demands for repayment was issued last year! Yes 4 months ago. Not only is Scott Walker still walking free, he is planning on running for a third term!

Friday, 11 December 2015 15:13 – 4 MONTHS AGO!

MADISON – Nearly three months have passed since Governor Walker ended his presidential campaign and the day he promised to repay state taxpayers for costs incurred during his presidential campaign. As homeowners and small businesses begin receiving their property tax bills, the outstanding debt racked up by Governor Walker’s presidential campaign has largely gone unpaid.

For Immediate Release                                                  

January 29, 2016 3 MONTHS AGO !
Governor Walker Commits to Shifting Campaign Costs onto Wisconsin Taxpayers
MADISON – This afternoon, it was reported that Governor Walker’s political campaign will no longer be paying for his security team’s travel costs for campaign events. Wisconsin taxpayers will be left footing the bill, even when those costs are incurred by Governor Walker leaving the state for campaign rallies.
In response, Rep. Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) released the following statement:
“Faced with $1 million in campaign debt, Governor Walker is trying to cut corners in any way he can. In this case, he is unloading his campaign security costs onto the backs of Wisconsin taxpayers.
“Since the governor is publicly announcing that he will bill his campaign security travel costs to taxpayers, it is even more pressing that the legislature take action. I urge my Republican colleagues to call a hearing on the Wisconsin Taxpayer Protection Act to end this abuse of public dollars.”

Posted: Apr 22, 2016 6:35 PM CST
Updated: Apr 22, 2016 6:35 PM CST

She urged. Stop urging and INDICT. Now. Today!

Embezzlement is a Crime

Wisconsin citizens who are not Governor get indicted and convicted of – “theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one’s trust or belonging to one’s employer” – every week, and for smaller takes than the current of Governor of Wisconsin.  I don’t see any letters from representatives “urging” that “something be done”.  Hell no. Slam. Bam. Thank you Mam.









Why were Stephanie and Jeffrey not allowed the same 4 month long delay before their convictions? Why were they abused of paying back the money over time? Why was there crime treated like breaking the law, while Scot Walker’s theft is seldom mentioned in the press, and when it is, it is washed over like some sort of silly slight of hand or fetching political maneuver? No. It is a crime committed by Scott Walker as much as the crime committed by Stephanie and Jeffrey! INDICT!

Yes – the Stolen Funds Remain Outstanding!

Posted: Apr 22, 2016 6:35 PM CST   MADISON (WKOW) — A recent campaign filing shows Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s campaign debt from his failed presidential bid is now under $1 million.

Filed this week, it shows the debt at $952,000, down around $141,000 from the previous month.

Gov. Walker has been slowly paying off his campaign debt since calling off his 71-day campaign for president last September. During the brief run, his campaign spent an average of $90,000 a day.

Walker’s latest Federal Election Commission filing shows he raised about $128,000 in the last month.

Call for Indictment

Citizens of Wisconsin have been wrangled by the shift and shuffle of lawyers and judges defending oligarchy for 7 long years, while the thief is hiding in plain site. Where have I heard this expression before? Enough is Enough!


Walker – He gets things done!

Only in a culture of hyperactive, get rich quick, delusion can the adage “He gets things done” stand alone as an unquestionably desirable character trait for a leader. Yet, if we’ve heard it once as a sound byte to describe Scott Walker’s strong asset as a candidate, we’ve heard it a million times. Along with, “He won three elections in four years” or “He is a ‘doer'”.walkerbrownbackdone Being a “get things done” leader says nothing without further analysis. Stalin “got things done”, Jesus “got things done”, Bin Laden “got things done”, Martin Luther King “got things done”… well you see the point. Yet, you will hear this hollow description of “he gets things done” as one of the shining descriptors of Candidate Walker across the media as though it holds some rich and glorious meaning. He is a “Doer” – “He gets things done”. No analysis, no list, no details, – he just gets things done. Oh boy! That should put him up 7 points in the Iowa polls.

We in Wisconsin hold an entirely different set of images to the adage “He gets things done”, than the rest of the country. We see children whose learning programs are being canceled, we see teachers who are retiring early, we see elderly people being drug tested to get food, we see people suffering and dying for lack of affordable health care, we see our universities shedding talented staff, we see our roads crumbling, we see women’s health programs being cut, – all for what? For something to do? To “get things done”? Please do not tell the people of Wisconsin, “He gets things done” without further qualification. We know. We know it like telling our child that her favorite teacher will not be back next year. Oh yes. Scott Walker has gotten things done in Wisconsin. Oh yes, he has.

But let’s look at a fitting and appropriate example of how Walker’s brand of “he gets things done” is playing out in another state. Let’s look at Kansas. Let’s take a little peek at how Governor Sam Brownback is “getting things done”, because Brownback’s Tea political stance, and legislative initiatives offer a mirror image to those of Candidate Walker. The only difference is time. All that Brownback has “done” in Kansas has begun to play out and fester. Wisconsin is only beginning to feel the very earliest effects of the tax cutting, trickle down, policies that Brownback and Walker share. And, Kansas now offers clear map for what road ahead will offer Wisconsin in months and years to come.

Can you read this Iowa, New Hampshire, MSNBC, CNN, WISCONSIN?

Kansas Republicans Finally Admit That Their Tax Cuts For The Wealthy Have Failed

This isn’t some liberal/progressive warning of sour grapes. This is fact. This is exactly what is about to become an obvious fact in Wisconsin.

Since Kansas embarked on its “tea party experiment,” the state has faced severe budget shortages. They collected nearly $6 million less than expected in tax revenue — stemming mainly from a drop in sales tax revenue — this month adding on to an ongoing shortfall, and the legislature has gone into an extended session trying to figure out how to either cut spending or raise revenue to balance the budget.

Brownback told the legislature that he would unveil a tax plan Friday, but he abruptly canceled his appearance, leaving the legislature to debate the budget into the weekend. Ironically, each additional day they spend in session costs them an additional $40,000.kansas finally considers tax hikes to plug budget hole

Don’t get me wrong. Pleasing the Koch Brothers and Bradley Foundation does work for luring in campaign contributions. You know, big billboards that say things like “Walker gets things done”, however the “trickle down” tax cut experiment did not work under Reagan, does not work in Kansas, and is about to pull Wisconsin further and further into an anemic abyss of loss of opportunity for the next generation.

But you can always say, and we will always remember – Scott Walker gets things done!

Texas swallowing Tea

In early January of 2013 Congress finally approved a $9.7 billion package to pay flood insurance claims from Hurricane Sandy. The measure was supposed to come to a vote earlier in the week, but was tabled by House Speaker John Boehner, drawing much criticism from both Democrats and his fellow Republicans alike.
House Sandy Aid

The measure passed unanimously through the Senate, but 67 members of the House of Representatives voted “no” to assisting people who were left, at best, powerless or homeless by a hurricane in November. All 67 are Republicans. Republicans who vote “no”

Nine of the “NO” votes came from Texas the names of the Representatives are in bold at the right.

Not one GOP Representative from Wisconsin voted “yes” to Hurricane Sandy aid. Not One. Duffy, Ryan, Lip Sync Sandy Aid ‘NO’ Vote

In the same month more than 100,000 people signed an online petition calling on the Obama administration to allow Texas to secede from the United States and create an independent government received an official 476-word response from the White House last week.January 2013 New York Times

The short answer was no.

Ted Cruz voted “NO” to aid for victims of hurricane Sandy saying:

This bill is symptomatic of a larger problem in Washington – an addiction to spending money we do not have. The United States Senate should not be in the business of exploiting victims of natural disasters to fund pork projects that further expand our debt.Cruz demands federal money

In a recent press conference on the deadly flooding in Texas, Cruz said, “The federal government’s role, once the Governor declares a disaster area and makes a request, I am confident that the Texas congressional delegation, Sen. Cornyn and I, and the members of Congress both Republicans and Democrats will stand united as Texans in support of the federal government fulfilling its statutory obligations, and stepping in to respond to this natural disaster.

Sandy vote NO

Mike Conaway (R-TX)

Bill Flores (R-TX)

Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

Kenny Marchant (R-TX)

Randy Neugebauer (R-TX)

Paul Ryan (R-WI)

Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI)

Duffy (R-WI)

Mac Thornberry (R-TX)

Randy Weber (R-TX)

Roger Williams (R-TX)

The people have no government, but an absurd representation of such

This is not government by the people in the people’s House, this is government by the wealthy few who are writing the lyrics to be performed in a aria designed to preserve and protect their place at the top – while the average worker has seen their own wealth shrink to historical lows. The “Anthem Against Sandy” by Wisconsin House members was not representative of the majority of voters who turn out to help when their fellows when they are devastated by the calamities of tornadoes and floods. Yet, the Wisconsin and Texas Tea Party Caucus has shamed the true character of the Badger State, the Lone Star State, and democracy itself. They said “no” to disaster aid at one place and time, and “yes” in another. They sing the false, pre-written lyrics for all the world to know.

Please end this shameful ballad of partisan demagoguery. Let us not be represented on the national stage as uncaring and hard of heart. This is not Wisconsin or Texas. End the Tea Party sing-a-long once and for all.

GOP Fails Civic Test

The most glaring “you can’t make this stuff up” moment just shook the Wisconsin Capitol. Sometimes the silly muse of irony creates a “do as I say – not as I do” scene that not even Shakespeare or Moliere could hope to duplicate. A character appears espousing platitudes of the evil of lewd clothing, but when he turns around his bare butt is showing. It was moment like that.

The character is, I kid you not, Jimmy Boy. That is what James Eming (pictured in graphic below) a Republican from Rusk County prefers to be called. Jimmy Boy is the brains behind mandatory civics test to be passed by students in order to graduate.

Jimmy Boy is speaking at a late night session of Joint Finance Committee at 1:30 a.m. espousing the importance of understanding the workings of democracy. You know, the government of the people who are able to get to meetings as 1:30 in the morning? Yeah that kind of democracy.

“It’s something that I’m just very passionate about, that we as Americans, as part of our heritage, this is who we are,” Edming said.Legislature’s civics graduation requirement fails Civics 101

Yes, Jimmy Boy, it has become part of our heritage in Wisconsin for you and the other “boys” to ram through legislation in the wee hours of the morning. And what about the finer details of civics as pertained to the GOP legislative rule making? Is there a question on test about greasing the skids or confabulation of the process?

According to legislative records, Edming introduced his bill on May 4. Only two days later, it was given a public hearing before the Assembly’s Committee on State Affairs and Government Operations. Democrats asked why it wasn’t before the education committee and the chair, Rep. Rob Swearingen (R-Rhinelander), said it was the prerogative of Speaker Robin Vos to decide what committee handled bills.

You may pass the test but you failed the lab. You just shoved through a bill with limited public input because you are so passionate about civics, democracy, and the American way. HA ha ha. Your butt is showing.

Take the Test – 100 Questions of Passionate (early a.m.) Patriotism

Civics (History and Government) Questions for the Naturalization Test

The test is derived from an oral exam administered to applicants for citizenship. The United States Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS) Administrator will ask up to ten questions from the list of 100 and the applicant answers them orally. The test to be administered to students in order to graduate will be formatted in multiple choice and 60 of the 100 must be correct to get a sheep skin.

Just for fun

For the fun of it, lets take a few of the questions and add more truthful and correct answers than the ones provided as politically correct.

What is the supreme law of the land?

the Constitution
New Your Stock exchange

What does the Constitution do?

sets up the government
defines the government
protects basic rights of Americans
allows the wealthy to control government

3.The idea of self-government is in the first three words of the Constitution. What are these words?

We the People
We the People who attend legislative sessions in the wee hours of the morning

What are two rights in the Declaration of Independence?

subversion to stupidity
pursuit of happiness

What stops one branch of government from becoming too powerful?

checks and balances
separation of powers

You are invited to provide more truthful answers to the questions above, or to any other questions on the pdf page of all 100 questions linked above. You can do this anytime and will not be limited to doing so in the wee hours of the morning. How democratic!

WEDC – Walker Election Donation Chest

Some states elect leaders with college educations and a varied resume of experience across a spectrum of disciplines. Not Wisconsin. They elected a governor with no college diploma, and whose experience was limited to political maneuvering. It was to be a “learn on the job” administration, because people liked the way he sounded and believed in what he said. Walker was a “reformer” and Wisconsin became his “reform school”.

A major reform of Walker was to abolish and transform a major department of government – the Wisconsin Department of Commerce to create the new and reformed Wisconsin Department of Economic Development (WEDC).

1955 Wisconsin Department of Commerce is created

The Department of Commerce was administered by the Wisconsin Secretary of Commerce, who was appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the Wisconsin State Senate.
The department traced its roots to the Division of Industrial Development within the Office of the Governor, as established by the Wisconsin Legislature in 1955.

The the entire Department of Commerce, that functioned without major problems for 35 years, was dismantled, “reformed”, and restructured by Gov. Scott Walker in February 2011. Commerce was replaced with the new and streamlined Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), and branded as a public-private agency, to boost job growth. This was the flag ship of “Walker Reform” boasting an $83 million budget. The regulatory, big government, impediments of the Commerce Department would be striped to make room for the Neoconservative efficiency of WEDC – the flagship of the new Walker reform to allow for the lofty goal of creating jobs, jobs, jobs. Thus the Department of Commerce was “reformed” and WEDC was to be the engine that would drive the creation of 250,000 jobs by the end of his term, as Walker promised in his campaign.

So, Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. (WEDC) was created in February of 2011 by the state GOP controlled Legislature and Walker. Five months later, on July 1st – the flagship of reform took over the economic development functions of the old and antiquated Department of Commerce.

The initial Promise? “WEDC will create 50,000 jobs by June 2012”

The Old Commerce Department was abolished in favor of WEDC with a single purpose – Walker’s spokesman Cullen Werwie told how the Governor was working closely with the WEDC and was getting regular updates from chief executive officer, Paul Jadin, and it would retain or create 50,000 jobs by June 2012.

Another “Walker reform” was afoot and speeches were made, ribbons were cut, and the new bigger and better, neoconservative job machine was primed and polished for jobs, jobs, jobs!

We all know now the promised jobs never materialized – not by July 2012 or 2013 or 2014 nor will they appear by July 2015. In that time the WEDC has been a study in cut and paste reorganization of top execs and the kind of account management of an embezzler’s dreams. If the WEDC is an example of Walker’s administration skills then the GOP would be better going with Bernie Madoff. Walker’s Reform School

The WEDC has not lived up to its promise for creating jobs, but it certainly has performed well as Walker’s Pay-to-Play- Bank – surely WEDC must be the acronym for Wisconsin Election Donation Chest. That is the function it has performed since its inception. Walker has been granting tax break and cherry job offers to big contributors for over five years – and I think this is illegal. You’d never know it. Even though Bill Gardner (top picture far right) was indicted for illegal campaign contributions to Candidate Walker, it did not stop Bill’s Railroad from receiving 14 Million in grants. Just Walker’s way of saying “Thanks. Sorry for your troubles”. Read Walker Rail Whooops!

Candidate Walker is attracted to the big bucks like a spider to a fly. Is it coincidence that the wealthiest man and woman in the State of Wisconsin were favored with tax breaks and credits for “donating” to his campaigns? Walker refers to such well heeled folk as “stakeholders” , and he gave John Menard a million dollars (pictured far left in top graphic) tax breaks for his lumber/hardware company after John’s campaign contribution. He gave billionaire Diane Hendricks (2nd from right in graphic above) the wish she requested along with her check of $500,000. She asked him if Wisconsin could be a Right to Work State, and just three years later she got her request.

Finally noticed. This might be illegal?

Rewards for campaign support have been dished out right in front of god and everyone, for the past five years. So, it remains a mystery why the media, and political pundits have finally noticed how Walker’s pay-to-play government might just be illegal. As part of Bill Minahan’s quest to secure government funding for Building Committee Inc., he gave Walker’s campaign the max $10,000 and other BCI employees poured tens of thousands of dollars.

The company was able to secure taxpayer funding from only one source: a $500,000 loan from Walker’s flagship job-creation agency, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. The company has not repaid the loan.

Four former employees and two others familiar with the energy retrofit project said another part of Minahan’s strategy involved unspecified help from his long-time friend Gary George, a former Democratic state senator from Milwaukee who spent time in federal prison beginning in 2004 for receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks. The sources requested anonymity, saying they feared retribution or damaging relationships.Company obtained loan from WEDC – Host Madison

This is the deal that got traction that squealed the tires all the way along Walker’s campaign trail, when it is really just another – “there was a crooked man, who lived in a crooked house”, example of the pay-to-play politics that has been Scott Walker’s MO from the beginning of his political career. So, why now? And, who’s complaining?


Deeper than Doe

Redacted snippets of the released John Doe files show the prosecution’s search for an illegal connection of “outside groups” to the Walker recall campaign. A classic example of failure to see the forest for the trees. The real crime. The skullduggery did not occur at the surface at all. It was a ping of premonition everyone felt at some tick of time between the hour of 8 and 9 p.m. on June 5, 2012. Remember?

Investigating the Walker Recall Election

At some tick of time between the hour of 8 and 9 p.m. on June 5, 2012 –walker_indict there was a shock, a surprise, a shift in human reality across the State of Wisconsin.

For some it was a flow of elation, for others it was closer to hearing the news that your dad or your dog just died. Regardless of the emotional spasm of the moment and beyond all the political bluster, the abrupt “call” of the governor’s race was not expected by most. Not Walker supporters. Not Barrett supporters. The word on the street was to hunker in for a long night of nail biting and up and down pacing while following the returns of a close election.

On election day, the hopes of Barrett supporters were lifted to learn of the high turn out numbers, which generally bode well for Democrats. Walker supporters had seen poll numbers close in the days before the election and feared their Wauwatosa boy wonder might be toppled.

What Just happened?

The “What just happened?” moment was the most common bipartisan experience since Scott Walker took office. Something strange happened. It happened to Republicans in the Racine Senate race, it happened to Democrats in the Gubernatorial race. What the heck happened?

“What just happened” was not pretty. It was a bipartisan realization, as deep as string theory, that the people were no longer in control.

Somehow, in the hour between 8 and 9 p.m., citizen confidence in their vote was punched in the gut. Somehow, technology and the media had trumped a process that forms the very basis of the American way of life – our vote.

The simple process that began with marking an “X” on a slip of paper and sliding it into a slot, had become a complex system of computer programing filled with words like “PROMPACKS (congaing both EPROM and RAM memory) for Optech ballots scanners, PCMICA memory cards for the M-series scanners (e.g. M100, M150, and M650), Compact flash memory for the TSX touch screen, SD memory for the AutoMark, etc.” (Quote from the page Fraud “IT”] Page).

The results of this algorithmic total are statistically predicted, well in advance of any complete or final tally, by exit polls compiled by major news organizations. In the case of the Recall election, the governor’s race was called while people were still standing in line and waiting to vote! Never mind that real people were still voting. Not important. The news moguls were in competition for the “first to call” status. ABC won! WOW! NBC followed shortly thereafter.

Conflicting early reports

Update 9:50 pm EST: NBC News is now reporting that Walker will win the recall election. With 21 percent of precincts in Walker is currently winning 61%-38%. Barrett’s strongest counties are still largely not reporting, but the projection is being made based on a combination of exit poll and early results which have come in. ABC WON! WOW! They called the election for Walker shortly after

Update 9:09 pm EST: Fox News now joins the chorus, reporting a race that is “too close to call” at this time.

Update 9:06 pm EST: Chuck Todd of NBC News says their exit poll data indicates a “coin flip” as to who will win.

Update 9:03 pm EST: CNN’s exit poll has a 50-50 split of the vote between Barrett and Walker.

Update 9:00 pm EST: Polls have now closed, but again those currently in line will still be allowed to vote. MSNBC is now calling the race “too close to call” at this time.

CNN Election Updates SORRY the link is “no longer available”.

MILWAUKEE | Tue Jun 5, 2012 9:42pm EDT

(Reuters) – Exit polls show the Wisconsin recall election on Tuesday is essentially tied between Republican Governor Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Tom Barrett, CNN said.

The CNN data is based on interviews with voters after they cast ballots and not on actual results.

ABC WON Everyone else LOST

It is clear to the Supreme Court that ABC is a “person” who is more important than the late night voter standing in line determined to vote, but something even more insidious is working in the back rooms with locked doors where exit polls are tallied and altered. Yes…altered. They don’t use the word “altered” they call them “adjusted exit polls”

How are they altered or adjusted, Richard Charnin explains:

Walker Recall: The Exit Pollster’s MO Never Changes

Richard Charnin
June 9, 2012

The exit pollster’s MO never changes. In the recall, the pundits said it was “too close to call”. I’m quite sure that Barrett was winning, but the media knew the fix was in so they had to keep it close. They knew the actual exit poll numbers would not see the light of day. But they sure called it quickly for Walker, didn’t they?

The pollster’s have had plenty of experience in adjusting exit polls to match the vote count.

In 2004, preliminary state exit poll numbers were downloaded from the CNN website by Jonathan Simon. Kerry led by 50-48%. The state polls were already in the process of being matched to the recorded vote. But Bush was winning the vote count – a massive divergence from the exit polls.

We later learned that Kerry led the National Exit Poll from 4pm to midnight. At 4pm (8349 respondents) he led by 51-48%. At 730 pm (11027 respondents) by 51-48%. At 1222am (13047) by 51-47%. But we didn’t see these numbers. They were not meant for public viewing.

The next day, the CNN and NYT websites showed that Bush won the National Exit Poll (13660) by 51-48% – matching the recorded vote. How did the final 613 National Exit Poll respondents enable Bush to flip the vote? The exit pollsters never could answer that one. After all, the flip was mathematically impossible.

The unadjusted 2004 exit polls (state and national) were not released until about a year ago, long after the damage was done. And guess what? Kerry actually won the 13660 respondents! He had 7064 (51.7%), Bush 6414 (47.0%), Other 182 (1.3%).

Someday, probably in 2022, we’ll get to see the unadjusted recall exit poll numbers. In the meantime, here’s the 2004 National Exit Poll Timeline that was “not meant for public viewing”.

Adjusted Exit Polls

Covert Corporate (Persons) also Tabulate your vote – IN SECRET

Another more serious crack in the glass ceiling of denial split the surface in that hour between 8 and 9 pm on June 5. The part of the exit poll that was NOT adjusted didn’t make any sense. More people left the polls saying they supported Obama then Walker by 51-44%. Yet, Walker won. Read “Walker Recall Vote IMPOSSIBLE

We are still suffering from the backlash of the economic strain caused by Wall Street Greed. Do you think that elections are free of this same insatiable thirst for wealth and power? If 36 million dollars are invested in getting your vote on the front side of the election, don’t you think millions are available to steal your vote on the back side? Oh, there was plenty o’ cash available in Wisconsin. The recall was set up as a push against Obama by such players as Karl Rove.

The GOP is pretty sure that whatever happens is a precursor to how the state — and more blue collar worker states – will fare come the general election. “Karl Rove….argues that the results of Walker’s recall election and the margin of the vote will offer the first genuine clues as to whether Wisconsin’s political environment is similar to four years ago or has reverted to the nail-biter status of 2000 and 2004. ‘This will give a very clear indication of whether Wisconsin and the industrial Midwest will be up for grabs this year,’ Rove said.

Wisconsin Bellweather

Could your vote be bought?…EASY

When a state election plays out on the stage of national politics can you imagine how much money is available to “spread around”? But how could anyone manage to buy your vote without getting caught? Simple answer: There is no oversight of any kind. Voting Machine vendors like Command Central, who supply all the equipment, programming, and tabulation of your vote, do it in secret; without any oversight from any government agency, elected official, or branch of the judiciary. None. Does this remind you of the housing boom and Wall Street bankers in 2008?

The Classic “Divide and Conquer” Paradigm

The division between conservative and liberal or Republican and Democrat has never been more clearly divisive. The secrecy of vote machine vendors like Command Central(V.P. Larry Zins pictured left) is protected as the two sides are so focused on their Zinsopposing agendas, they dismiss or ignore the companies that count the vote secretly. Both parties fear launching recounts or investigations into the secret workings of these companies and view such actions as a political liability; that they will be viewed as a force who wants to destroy voter confidence and the American way of life. Yet, just as in the years before the Wall Street buyout, the opposite is true.

So we wait for the a new Fighting Bob. We look for a savvy politician with determination and courage to break through the denial, and to stand on the stump to declare, “Our most fundamental freedom, our vote, is threatened by lack of transparency, and secrecy that is intolerable under any constitution”. Meanwhile, it is just us. We the people of Wisconsin. We the people…period.

More and more citizens are becoming aware that our system of voting in Wisconsin is a mess and largely due to long 30 year tenure of Kevin Kennedy as the Administrator of the Government Accountability Board. read “Calling for the resignation of Kevin Kennedy

Some concerned citizens launched an effort to audit the vote of the Recall election to compare the digital machine totals to the ballots.(You may be surprised to learn that this comparison is not done unless there is an official recount, in fact, it is against the law to compare the paper trail to the digital machine count on the night of the election.) Unfortunately, the effort was fumbled by the group Wisconsin WAVE who arrived to spear head the effort without enough experience or skill to carry it through. WAVE has yet to account for the money collected for the recall audit or to provide any accounting for the abysmal failure of the effort.

Other citizens working independently of WAVE did audit votes in select wards in Madison and Milwaukee. At least one audit in Madison did suggest a possible flip of the vote.

Nobody knows…Everybody knows

Not one day, not one hour has passed since Scott Walker began his campaign for governor when a secret John Doe Investigation has not been active. Nobody knows exactly who or what might be the specific target or targets of the new and expanded version of John Doe.

Everybody knows…

Secret probe spreads to five Wisconsin counties
Possible violations during recall elections among issues

Daniel Bice – No Quarter – Oct. 21, 2013

A former top-level assistant U.S. attorney has been appointed a special prosecutor in a burgeoning, secret investigation into a wide variety of state issues, including possible campaign violations during the recent recall elections, multiple sources said.

Francis Schmitz — who spent nearly 30 years as a federal prosecutor and was once a finalist for U.S. attorney in Milwaukee — is leading the widespread John Doe probe, according to sources.

Nobody knows…

Nobody knew the specifics of the investigation when it was focused in Milwaukee. Nobody knows the specifics of the bigger and wider investigation now in progress.

Just as nobody knows what happened between 8 and 9 p.m. on July 5 of 2012.

Walker’s Deflated Football

When power players, stars, and top dogs bend the rules or cheat or lie, how quickly the fans of Scott Walker and Tom Brady stand up to deny the allegations or dismiss the significance of a minor infraction like deflating a football or breaking the rules. wedc2But the arch of morality seems to be bending with a new tension toward justice and be less forgiving. Who knows why?

Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby took many by surprise in turning in indictments of police involved in the death of Freddie Gray. The NFL shocked the sports world by finally dropping the hammer on Tom Brady. The new torque of high sprung tension may be about to spring its rusty twang into the face of Scott Walker’s world.

Stand with Walker zealots and Patriots fans find secret email networks and deflated footballs little more than trivial complaints from liberals and losers, dismissing wrong doing with barbs like, “So what?” or “Everyone does it.” or “Sour grapes!”. Ok. billboardBut in the case of Scott Walker the skeleton of incompetence and rule bending is beginning to rattle so loudly that it can be heard all the way to Israel – or at least in Green Bay and Milwaukee where the Democrats have put up bill boards calling Walker home to take care of business.(left) billboards

The skeleton is Walker’s Wisconsin Development Corporation which he created to replace the Department of Commerce. The dry bones of poor management, cloudy transparency, and tricky accounting have rattled the “jobs agency” since its inception, but recently have set up a new din of discontent. A report by the Legislative Audit Bureau found the WEDC failed to follow the law and its own policies in awarding taxpayer-funded incentives to companies. This is the second time Walker’s WEDC has broken the law. Most recently Walker created 100 jobs in Mexico as Eaton in Watertown laid off 98 employees after lapping up $370,000 in tax incentives!

Even Walker was forced to swallow back his big plan to expand the scope of the WEDC.

After hearing concerns from legislators, stakeholders, and the WHEDA and WEDC Boards, we asked legislators to remove the proposed agency mergers from the state budget and we asked the bill authors to not move forward with the proposed separate legislation … Given the issues raised at the recent joint WEDC/WHEDA board meeting, it is not the appropriate time to pursue these proposals.WPR

Suspend Walker from the game

More likely than not, Walker knew about the illegal email network that was near “County Executives office door which got his closest associates indicted as “deflators”. More likely than not Walker knew about the activities of Club for Growth during the Recall Elections. When a report came out that it was “more likely than not” that Tom Brady knew about the deflated footballs, he was suspended and the Patriots were fined a million dollars. Does it make sense that the NFL takes major steps to preserve integrity of the game, while no action is taken to preserve the integrity of elections and management of tax payer dollars? The integrity of professional football is more sacred than the operation of our state government?

It is not only likely, but documented that Walker broke the law on two separate occasions and the infractions are described and itemized as fact in reports by Legislative Audit Bureau. It is not “more than likely” he deflated the balls and broke the law – it is documented. Twice! And he is running around the world on the same taxpayers dime, that he disabused through mismanagement? What is so terribly wrong with this picture? “So what?” or “Everyone does it.” or “Sour grapes!” – excuses do not wash. Walker Tom Scott Brady must be suspended and called to account.

OH Canada ON Wisconsin

Government just not being run right. Alberta finally tired of Progressive Conservatives

A political climate is as unique and unpredictable as next month’s weather, but certainly we can learn from the Alberta upset, or at least, inhale a fresh gasp of hope to know that Walker can be squashed. The legislature will not stifle him, the courts are owned by the plutocrats. Where is the remedy?

Partly it’s just a fascinating political story. Alberta is the conservative heart of Canada, with an economy dominated by the oil industry. shoedroprecallThe Conservative party has held power there for 43 years. On Tuesday, everything changed. The New Democratic Party (NDP), a labor-left party long on the political sidelines, unexpectedly won a majority of seats in the provincial legislature (in part because two right-wing parties split the vote). Imagine if liberal Democrats suddenly controlled the Texas statehouse. And had a supermajorityAlberta’s shocking election

Or imagine if liberal Democrats suddenly controlled the WISCONSIN statehouse? And had a supermajority? What can progressives in the U.S. and Wisconsin learn from the Alberta political upset? The liberal platform that fracked and shook the conservative politics in Alberta sounds like a message ripe for Wisconsin:

NDP winner, Rachel Notley, said in her victory speech. “I believe that change has finally come to Alberta.” running on a platform of increasing funding for the province’s schools and hospitals, the new government will need to move fast to fulfill some promises. “We are committed to making sure those 12,000 kids have teachers in September,” NPD wins majority

Every passing minute of every day my face book page is filled with Walker’s Budget, Walker’s union busting, Walker’s attack on the DNR, Health Care, Women’s Health – Walker, Walker, Walker. This blog is full of the same such litany, and guess what? It all seems to play into the plutocratic “Divide and Conquer” strategy that has dumped people from Badger Care, closed Planned Parenthood clinics, allowed for concealed carry – and there goes the damn litany again. The shocking shift to liberal control of Alberta was the result of a split in the conservatives, and a faction of the right that got so fed up with a government that was not working that they switched over to the liberal candidates in a big way.

Was the first Recall too soon?

For me, remembering the result of the fist recall is akin to the worst kind of sad. No matter what issues were raised to drop Walker, and they were many and varied, the national press always and every time billed it as Unions vs. Walker. Today the climate has changed. Walker’s ratings have plummeted. Even the most conservative, “stand with walker” folks feel abandoned as he has left Wisconsin in the rear view of his personal ambition. A second recall of Walker would shift the conversation, especially since he is running for president. Just like Alberta, many Republican’s may split away from “bad government” in favor of change. Most importantly it would break the self defeating Walker-did-this litany, and move that energy into an active and dynamic action for change.

Still got your clip board?

Badger 4 – 3 Justice Lottery

In the Wisconsin Supreme Court you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket.

Tickets for the high court lottery are not sold at your local convenience store and cost upwards of a million dollars each. Since 2007 Wisconsin Club for Growth and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce have spent almost eight million dollars to elect the conservative majority of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Put that in your local public school budget!


Wisconsin drives the crony court clown car

An article in the zine with the funny cartoons, just wrote a story that epitomizes the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as a shining example of the latest production of the “Emperors New Clothes” peopled with judicial hand-me-downs who might just be fingering their genitalia beneath their black robes. Of course, it was put in more professional journalistic jargon:

A justice is not required to disqualify himself from a case even when one of the lawyers or the parties made a campaign contribution to him or an independent expenditure on his behalf during an election.

Patience Drake Roggensack, (pictured as big clown below) now the chief justice, wrote for the conservative majority in a 4-3 (LOTTERY) vote justice_clownin favor of the rule, “We elect judges in Wisconsin; therefore, judicial recusal rules have the potential to impact the effectiveness of citizens’ votes cast for judges. Stated otherwise, when a judge is disqualified from participation, the votes of all who voted to elect that judge are cancelled for all issues presented by that case.” The Destruction of the Wisconsin Supreme Court
By Lincoln Caplan

Chief Clown says that if a justice is taken off a case, that somehow, voters are being disenfranchised – funny because this is similar to the argument that Shirley Abrahamson is using to hold on to her position as Chief Justice – that she was “elected” as Chief Justice by voters, and should remain so for her full term. But in the Wisconsin Clown Court what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. Not in Wisconsin. Not any more.

So the Badger 4-3 Lottery justices decided that only they can decide to recuse themselves from a case, even if they have enjoyed million dollar campaign contributions from the very folks named in the case! That’s right. The big bucks donors, Wisconsin Club for Growth and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, are parties in the John Doe case! The 4-3 Lottery Justices, who have been bought and paid for, insist they can and will be judicious and nonpartisan. I guess we are supposed to swallow this based upon the confidence instilled in all us by the 4-3’s recent history? Like Justice Prosser calling Abrahmason a “bitch” one day and choking Justice Bradley the next. Oh yeah, we can have full confidence in these clowns who have said and done things that would get them fired from the local convenience store. Yet, we are to rest assured they will not be so juvenile as to be intimidated my money when making decisions.

I already made my prediction on April 15 in the post John Doe goes to Washington Progressives will not win the lottery. Couldn’t afford a ticket.

In some short span of time on an appropriate news dump day, probably Friday May 22 or the Friday before the Memorial Day weekend, the ruling on John Doe will be released. Any guesses? Will the laboratory of plutocracy finally prove full control over all three branches of government in Wisconsin. Happy Memorial Day!