Walker Recall Vote IMPOSSIBLE

Someone is Lying, Cheating, or Stealing

The exit polls taken of voters leaving the schools and community halls on June 5 show 51% favored Obama over Romney 44%. All those Obama supporters voted for Walker? Hard to believe?

So, why would such a high, unlikely, and statistically impossible number of people who favor Obama, vote for Walker? Obama carried Wisconsin by 14 points over McCann in the presidential election, so the exit poll reflects an 7 point slide since then. Yet, the defections of people who voted for Obama in ’08 – that voted for Walker in the recall election are far and away larger than any reasonable rationalization can justify.

CBS exit poll Recall Election

(CBS News) Voters in Wisconsin are deciding today whether to recall their governor, but many are looking to the race to provide clues into the presidential election this November. And early CBS News exit polls show that President Obama would have an advantage over presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney in the battleground state if the presidential race was held today.

Among voters in today’s recall election, 51 percent said they would pick Mr. Obama, compared to 45 percent for Romney. Two percent say they won’t vote. However, it should be noted that there is a lot of time before the November elections, and it’s too soon to tell what the electorate will be like in five months.

In 2008, Mr. Obama defeated Republican Sen. John McCain by 14 percentage points in Wisconsin.

If the Obama supporters who were polled on June 5 were telling the truth, the president’s campaign best take note of the fact that Walker won. Whatever is going on behind the scenes does hot bode well for Obama’s chances in Wisconsin in November.

The Numbers of Defectors Point to Election Fraud

In county after county and in ward after ward, especially in the rural areas of the state, the defection from Obama ’08 numbers far exceed explanation – at least lawful explanaton. The exit poll suggests Obama dropped from his 14 point ’08 win to a 7 point lead in the exit poll, Yet defections of Obama supporters in the recall show a 20 point defection in statewide totals, which is 13 points stronger than the exit poll suggests should be typical. In fact Obama defections of 35 to as high as 70 points were not unusual in some wards!

Adams County

Leola Walker 98 Barrett 19 – Defection 63% shift 16
Richfield Walker 53 Barrett 25 Defection 54% shift 29

Barron County

Dallas Walker 178 Barrett 70 Defection 47% shift 16

Brown County

Glenmore 435 walker 147 Barrett Defection 52% shift 19
Holland 593 walker 199 Barrett Defeciton 49% shift 22

Buffalo County

Waumandee 161 walker 60 Barrett Defection 55% sshift 24
Montana 94 walker 19 Barrett Defection 74% shift 36

Calument County

Kiel 74 Walker Barret 34 Defection 55% shift 31

Clark County

Beaver 164 Walker Barrett 47 Defection 68% shift 32
Fremont 316 Walker Barrett 100 Defection 57% shift 23
Sherwood 69 Walker 57 Barrett Defection 33% shift 16

The above is only a sampling of unexplainable defections looking at counties for A-C, you can find out how to discover more for yourself, in a bit.

ABC pollster Gary Langer Asks a Stupid Question and Gets….

Wisconsin recall paradox: Why Obama outpolls Romney despite Walker win
Even as voters in the Wisconsin recall election opted to keep Republican Gov. Scott Walker, exit polling shows Obama beating Mitt Romney there by a healthy margin. One explanation: Some voters felt the recall of a just-elected governor was inappropriate.

First, there’s a big difference between a recall vote and a regularly scheduled election. A solid majority of Wisconsin voters – 60 percent – said recall elections are appropriate only in cases of “official misconduct,” according to the Edison exit poll. Some 27 percent said recalls are OK for any reason, and 10 percent said they’re never acceptable.

So. if we want to read into this 60% figure of people who said “elections are appropriate only in case of ‘official misconduct'” and the 10% who said “they’re never acceptable” – how does figure into the huge defection from Obama? The 10% is easy. They were likely Walker supporters who voted for Walker. The 60% were never further qualified as to whether they felt Walker had indeed been guilty of “official misconduct” – after all the media was flooded with news of the on going John Doe investigation for months before the election. Now we must guess at the number of those who fall in the 60% who are likely to have been defectors from Obama. (Thanks for the stupid question Gary Lang) We are dealing with a huge unknown here, not a fool proof rationalization for the defection of Obama supporters to Walker. Not by any means. So, the unknown goes to the question: How many of those 60% defected from Obama and voted for Walker?

A better question to ask is: (Hey, Gary) Why was the question worded in that way? If these professional pollsters really wanted to know the effect of the recall process on the vote, they would have asked: “Do you believe Walker was guilty of misconduct in office?”. If that was what they wanted to know, why not just ask it. I am not a professional pollster but I know an open ended question when I see one. But, ABC has the money and organization to ask the questions and that is the question they chose to ask. Was the “unknown” quality we are faced with designed to be a rationalization for the Walker win? I don’t know. I only know that, for professional pollsters, they sure ask the wrong questions.

So, we are still left with our unknown for which there is no statistical answer – “how many people who felt blurry with the statement Walker had “committed misconduct in office” defected from their stated preference for Obama to vote for Walker in the recall election? Thanks to the mysterious, open ended question we can only take a stab at the answer, but surely we cannot assume that no one felt Walker had NOT committed misconduct in office and use it as a over reaching rationalization for his win…OR has that already been done?

We do know Walker got 55.2% of the vote statewide which reflects a defection from the Obama ’08 vote of 19.47%. So, Gary Langer would like us to suppose that nearly 2 out of 10 “Obama” people got up and went to the polls to vote for Walker 1) because they did not feel the Governor “committed misconduct in office”, or 2) to voice their strong opposition to the recall process. I find those reasons very unlikely, but you can believe anything you want. Thanks for the stupid question, Gary.

A Bigger and Better Question

But how about this question that the pollsters did not and will not look at: Why was this opposition to recalls so unique to certain wards and municipalities in mostly rural parts of the state? (Gary?) If you want to believe the “don’t like recalls” rationalization, wouldn’t you suspect it could be charted in a logical pattern? Look at the sample information of the huge defection from Obama in isolated municipalities above. How do all the people at ABC, who ask such open ended questions, hope to account for that? A 70% defection in Montana Township in Buffalo County? Boy, they must really “not like” recalls!

The latest statistical analysis from Richard Charnin NOT from ABC

This is the latest statistical analysis of election fraud from Richard Charnin (pictured right) who predicted what the fraud factor would look like ten days before the June 5 election. Now he is creating a model which will boil it down to the Municipality:

“I just created a Muni Recall True Vote model based on the elections.xlsx data. It uses the 2008 Presidential and 2012 Recall recorded votes. This is just a quick, first-cut. I will be adding improvements over the next day or two.” Richard Charnin’s latest Municipal Recall True Vote Model

You can look at any ward, municipality, or village in Wisconsin and prove to yourself how the recorded vote in the June 5 Recall election is not only “hinky” or “smelly” – it is not statistically possible.

Prove election fraud for yourself. Have Fun!

True Vote Model by Municipality – Defection from Obama’s ’08 vote to Walker in Recall Election