PROOF of Fraud

Below is the Inspector Report from Town of Genesee in Waukesha County the first is the “Original” the second is the “Copy”

This page was created as a support link to the post New Evidence of Waukesha Election Fraud”, where you can read the more detailed story behind the documents.



6 thoughts on “PROOF of Fraud

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  3. Sorry Wisconsin, but NC takes the prize for fake court documents fraudulently certifed. The NC Secretary of State doesn’t enforce notary law, and so hundreds of victims continue to be harmed personally and professionally.
    Also go to google image search and type “SBI notary perjury.”


  4. I don’t see it… each copy is hand signed so the signatures are in a different order. There are initials on the copy and the information at the top detailing the date of the election and the machines that the totals are taken from. The vote totals are the same. Where is the fraud?


    • Pat, you have a point. The stand alone document was posted as a support page for a more detailed blog post “New Evidence of Waukesha Election Fraud”, which you can find at that will give you a more detailed story about the documents. Thanks for your response. I will also put a link to the full post on the support Page so readers can avail themselves of the important detail. Thanks


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