Who is buried in John Doe’s Tomb?

Who is is buried in John Doe’s tomb? What lies hidden behind the moss covered door of secrecy? The heavy seal of silence has been clamped on the sepulcher for five years… and some hear rumblings, knocking in the dark. Some have beheld visions of a dark phantasma of power johndoe_tomband greed coming to terms with itself. But what is buried in John Doe’s tomb? Have we become circling animals in pursuit of our own tail? If we could but catch the fury tip just inches ahead and hold it in our warm mouth, what would we find?

“A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.” – Charles Dickens

Andy Warhol suggests: “I’m afraid that dickens walker3if you look at a thing long enough, it loses all of its meaning.” – Andy Warhol. Has the John Doe investigation become the incubus in which all the dissension of Right and Left has become centered and held? The secrecy itself has shifted purpose and advantage. It began as a means to gather evidence from parties who would remain anonymous by law, offering the advantage of discovery without public interference. This practice was chastised by the conservative right as an infringement and unfair advantage for investigators. Now, that same argument has sifted a sharp 180 degrees. Now, the wormy incubus has somersaulted into the complaint that evidence gathered, in what they call “a raid”, must be held secret. So, first the secrecy was an infringement on their rights, now the same secrecy must be preserved or it will be an infringement on their rights.

Of course, I am no lawyer just as they are no scientists, but the flip-flop and counter revolution seems to suggest that Dickens and Warhol have hit on the answer. What is left to be done? What threat is hidden within the minds of men? The best practice seems blatantly obvious.

An editorial in the Journal Sentinel is asking both side to open the records:

It is time for both sides to ask the court to open records from the “John Doe” investigation for public inspection.Open John Doe investigation of Gov. Scott Walker to the public

Or shall we continue to pursue the profound secret and mystery of each other and just agree to call it “John Doe”? It may be counter productive, but the search for mystery in the context of Dickens may hold the truth. Perhaps, the phantasma of John Doe is an echo from another dark chapter in Wisconsin history. Could it be?

Scott Walker just scares the Dickens out of me!

Whose House? Walker’s House!

How do people fall victim to creeping fascism? By ignoring ever encroaching web of authoritarian control as it gathers in the corners of the house. The most dangerous aspect of the Walker administration is not so much the draconian policies that originally stirred up the nest of one of the most massive protests in the State’s history, but the ever tightening thumb screw on the basic human freedoms as spelled out in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution. That is scary. It suggests a vengeful pathological tendency of the ruling occupant of the governor’s mansion being played out, day by day, on the people of Wisconsin.

The Creeping Tendency of the Walker Pathology

The most recent wound of this pathology is only hours old. The latest and newest turn of the thumb screws of basic freedom is just hours old: The Wisconsin Facilities Access Policy. You can read the full document here!

Groups of four or more people must obtain permits for all activity and displays in state buildings and apply for those permits at least 72 hours in advance. The policy requires permits for 100 or more people outside the Capitol. The policy does provide some leeway for spontaneous gatherings triggered by unforeseen events.

?Groups holding demonstrations could be charged for the costs of having extra police on hand for the event. Costs associated with a counterprotest could be charged to that second group. The costs would be $50 per hour per Capitol Police officer – costs for police officers from outside agencies would depend on the costs billed to the state. The police could require an advance payment as a requirement for getting a permit and also could require liability insurance or a bond.

? Demonstrators may not tape or stick signs to Capitol walls not intended for signs. During the protests hundreds of signs were posted at the Capitol.

Here is what is most telling about the posting of the document. You can go to nearly any newspaper, blog article or government positing on the net and freely use the editing tool to “copy” and “paste” segments into an email or a post. Not here. Not in Fitzwalkerstan. This is another example of the creeping, secretive, manipulative nature of Walker pathology that suggests that he is more clever than you are. What protection or advantage does he hope to gain by disabling the editing function on the pdf document? Our governor does these things. When he was a student at Marquette he actually collected newspapers bearing unfavorable comments from doors to prevent people from reading them. This person is now under recall as the Governor of Wisconsin.

The Slow Turn of the Thumbscrew

But the new Walker is far too pathological, deceitful and clever to go out and gather newspapers from your door before you can read the dirt, today he has become sophisticated enough to manipulate the flow of news in a brave new way. As governor he can turn the screws on freedom in a series of ever encroaching rules. The first turn of the screw, began last may. The self-imposed control of rules is the subject of the lawsuit of WEAC back in June when they sought relief the from the law giving Walker power over DPI rules. WEAC Suite
Rules regulating your vote, your safety, and your freedom have been changed, altered, and discarded with the stroke of pen. This blatant threat to democracy has occurred regularly since the passage AB 8: Read “You Pick the Game – I Make the Rules

The authority of a state agency to promulgate rules interpreting the provisions of a statute enforced or administered by the agency and to implement or enforce any standard, requirement, or threshold as a term or condition of a license issued by the state agency; gubernatorial approval of proposed administrative rules; economic impact analyses of proposed rules and emergency rules; and venue in a declaratory judgment action seeking judicial review of the validity of an administrative rule and in an action in which the sole defendant is the state.

But that was not quite strong enough for Governor Walker. Early in November he issued an executive order to turn the thumbscrew and further clarify that he makes the rules.

November 2, 2011
For Immediate Release
Contact: Cullen Werwie, 608-267-7303

The new procedure will ensure that rules are able to be reviewed by the public, the Executive Branch, and the legislature.

Madison –Today Governor Walker signed Executive Order #50 to bring stability and accountability to Wisconsin’s regulatory process.The Governor’s Executive Order creates the Governor’s Office of Regulatory Compliance to help assure timely and proficient review of administrative rules. Under the regulatory procedure agencies must provide a scope statement with a detailed description of a proposed rule and the statutory authority for the rule. They must also detail all of the entities that may be affected by the rule. Press Release

Rules Crossing the Line

This is little more than legislative language giving the Governor full power to change the rules of the legislature, agencies, and well, just about anyone else, and he has taken full advantage of his power to skirt democracy and issue his kingly orders.

Going Back Further in Wisconsin’s History – Argument of Clarence S. Darrow

Clarence Darrow defended the strikers of the Woodworkers of Oshkosh in May of 1898. He addressed the rules imposed on workers by the Paine Lumber Company. The name Walker might well be substituted for the name Paine in the argument.Arguement Kidd case

The following rules are made in the interest of good order and strict attention to business:

“All employees are to be in their places when the bell rings and whistle blows for starting, and must not absent themselves except in case of necessity.

“Loud talking or shouting in or around the mill and factory cannot be allowed except in case of accident or fire.”

I suppose the old gentleman(Paine/Walker) is nervous; and if he is, they ought not to talk loud. It is very kind of him to let them shout when there is a fire. Some men would not do it; but George M. Paine (Walker) is good, and so if there is a fire they can shout, or if anyone gets hurt, they can talk loud. It’s a beautiful institution.

“No unnecessary talking will be allowed during working hours.”

Well, there is a great deal of nonsense said in talking, as you will find out in further accusations in this case; and George M. Paine (Walker) don’t believe in nonsense, and so he says; “No unnecessary talking will be allowed during working hours”.

Under certain conditions and circumstances it is the privilege of American citizens to talk more or less, and we have several constitutional guaranties that are in force, more or less, different parts of the United States in relation to the liberty of free speech, but they evidently don’t work around Paine’s/Walker’s factory to any great extent.

He is not content with robbing and despoiling all whom he has touched with his polluted
grasp, but If his employees dare to raise their hand for justice, they are to be answered by a prison pen. Gentlemen, I say again it is not for fear of this verdict that I speak to you.
If you could pick out twelve American citizens anywhere in this broad land who would be so lost to pity and justice and the common human sentiments that stir the hearts of men as to send these defendants to jail, then I should weep in sorrow for the land in which I live.

Walker Scares the Dickens Out of Me
The Dickens scare is more of a spook by the devil than of Charles, but still, what would be the scene if Joe McCarthy were to appear to Walker as Marley did to Scrooge?