RUSS – "We Discovered the internet"

“They saw the face of democracy and they were terrified.”

That is you. That is me. That is us, folks!

We are the internet. All of us on face book, twitter, and the blogs and groups have shown the face of democracy across the state and the world. Congratulations all!

The resurrection of Russ Feingold is the most positive thing that has happened to Wisconsin in months. This is exciting stuff. This is his first fiery message of support since his concession speech after serving as our honored Senator for so many years; a speech that ended with the prophetic words: “Our Next Adventure Forward!”

So, a great Senator conceded to the likes of Johnson. Our great sense of loss was so well expressed in an open letter on the internet days after the election.

“Thank you for showing my kids what it’s like to have principles, and to stick to them. You won’t be in office come January, more’s the pity. The biggest reason, of course, is that you stuck to those principles and refused the torrent of outside money that surely would have defeated Mr. Johnson’s barrage of negative ads. But the memory of what you stood for, in this campaign and for the past eighteen years, and how you stood up for it, even when you were in the minority, even when you were a minority of one — that’s not going to go away. Ever.”

We missed you Russ. We welcome your return with open arms and ears.

Unlock the doors to our house. Free Wisconsin. Be our Governor.

Russ Feingold our Next Adventure Forward!

Did Russ Feingold see the current battle for Wisconsin families coming as the final words of his concession speech seem to suggest?

(You can scroll ahead in to the 4:00 minute mark to hear the prophetic title of this post)

Yes. We in Wisconsin are deeply embroiled in our “next adventure forward”! Our adventure has begun complete with villains the likes of which might have been imagined by Charles Dickens or Ian Fleming. Scott Walker rose to power from the largess of characters with attributes rivaling those of “Goldfinger” or “Oliver Twist” – the Koch Brothers. Walker has cast Wisconsin workers as little more than “Bob Cratchit” characters from “A Christmas Carol” leaving us begging for the rights and freedoms that have been won over decades of Wisconsin workers’ History.

Unfortunately, this is not a novel, play, or Hollywood fantasy. We cannot wait for the ghosts of Labor Disputes past to appear to Walker in the night to show him the past, present, and future hardships and inequalities that his budget cuts and union busting will unleash on the children and families of Wisconsin. This is the real world, filled with real people who have been so preoccupied with making ends meet that they missed the subtle encroachment of wealthiest 1% on their lives. Our ears pricked up a bit when we heard how the Supreme Court issued a precedent breaking ruling called Citizens United deciding that Corporations were just like living, breathing human beings and could contribute as much as they wanted to forward their agenda in the electoral process. We were first bitten by the irony of the ruling called “Citizens United” the following Winter when a record breaking sum of money flowed into the mid term elections to give us the Scott Walker Administration.

Then the irony spilled into our laps like hot porridge. The bolt of lightening, the last straw, the slap was the face headline:

Walker threatens to use the National Guard against protesting workers.

Finally, we had enough! Better writers and speakers than I havedescribed the movement that ensued as “awaking a sleeping giant” and a “class war”.

The movement was born of the actions of villains. What we seek is a hero. The leader we trust and honor is among us. It is now up to us to seek his guidance and help. Russ Feingold lost his seat in the Senate due to the same villainy we seek to recall and replace. The same negative campaign money and tactics that unseated him gave us Walker. We need his experience and active voice now more than ever. Let’s write him. Let’s ask him. Let’s enlist his help now. Call, write, or email Russ Feingold today to ask him to step to the front.

P.O. Box 620062 Middleton, WI 53562
phone: 608/831-7877
fax: 608/831-3192

Go to the Progressive United page and join the movement!

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