Walker's Wisconsin – John Doe Rising

Breaking Bald

Time to turn back and descend the stair,
With a bald spot in the middle of my hair–
(They will say: “How his hair is growing thin!”)
T. S. Elliot

John Doe rises again like bridge Leo Frigo2a bad penny that has been stuck in the vending machine of political flimflam only to be found in the coin-return slot still bearing the date of its mint. Kelly Rindfleisch was sentenced on November 19th, 2012 to six months in jail and three years of probation for her role in rising Walker to power.

Kelly keeled, Walker walked, and all the lawyers talked and talked. Now, here we go again to get to the bottom, to discover the undeniable truth, and at a most inopportune time for the “Walker who walked” as he is up for re-election next November, and his name is included in conversation as a presidential candidate in 2016.

Judge orders documents released in probe of Scott Walker aides
By Patrick Marley and Daniel Bice of the Journal Sentinel – Sept. 25, 2013

Madison — An appeals court judge ordered the release Wednesday of numerous documents in the closed secret investigation of aides to Gov. Scott Walker, including the personal emails of convicted aide Kelly Rindfleisch.

Of course, this is not the end. Of course, there are questions, for that is the way of the flimflam machine. The workings within hide sprockets and springs that push, pull, and pedal the simplest of truths through algorithmic tweaking and twining to scare the living hell right out of common sense – Did Scott Walker really, honestly, understand what was happening with the secret email network within thirty feet of his desk? Hmmmm…I wonder?

Flimflam Machine

The flimflam machine is an energy hole, and continues as the default application of all communication in the Walker Administration sending job creation and health care and just about any constituent concern down to some lower level of attention. Why, just today we hear 92,000 people will be cut from their current Badger Care Plus health care.

State notifying 92,000 that loss of BadgerCare imminent
By Jason Stein and Guy Boulton of the Journal Sentinel- Sept. 24, 2013

The notification letters are reigniting the debate over Walker’s decision to reject additional federal money under what’s commonly known as Obamacare to expand BadgerCare Plus. That decision is costing the state $119 million in its two-year budget.

Walker has boasted of his rejection of Obamacare, since he had a better idea. But as a result of the rejection of federal funds 90,000 families are being cut from Badger Care Plus – and here is the kicker of the bucket – it raises taxes!

The move would reject an expansion of Medicaid and the more than $600 million in federal funding that would have gone with it. State taxpayers would pay an extra $119 million compared to what they would have paid under the expansion. WPR News

Put all this in the flimflam machine and push the button and hear the whirring and wind of cogs, gears, along the obfuscation belt – and what comes out the other end are computerized voices of:

Scott Walker
I care too much about the people of this state not to empower them to control their own destiny.

Or Alberta Darling:
…those pushed off may not like the copays they might soon be paying, but that “health care is changing.”

The flimflam machine has proven its worth in supplying Scott Walker with $1,498 per hour for his expenses for housing, security and in-state and out-of-state travel because that is the default. Real Job creation shows up in the low end of priorities and remains in the low forties when compared to the 50 other states.

Flimflam job creation comes solely from allowing the wealthy to become more wealthy in some rehash of the old Raegan flimflam of trickle down economics which didn’t work in his life time and is not working now. Real job creation projects were rejected by the flimflam machine early on, with putting and end to the rapid rail system and the train sets ready for manufacturing and already on the table. The job creating potential of Talgo, was already in place in Milwaukee and looking ahead to years of production.

The failure of the Leo Frigo Bridge serves as the most recent symbol for projects and priorities rejected by the political opportunists flimflam machine.

Leo Frigo Bridge closed due to significant sagging

By Jaclyn Brandt CREATED Sep. 25, 2013 – UPDATED: Sep. 25, 2013
GREEN BAY – The Leo Frigo Bridge is currently closed for an inspection. According to Lt. Jody Buth with Green Bay Police, a 150-foot section of the bridge is sagging by at least three feet. The section crosses all four lanes.

The bridge takes I-43 NB and SB over the Fox River in Green Bay. The interstate remains closed between Atkinson Dr. and US 41, and will remain closed for a minimum of 24 hours.

Officials say they are inspecting the bridge after a driver reported a dip in the road.

– and what comes out of the flimflam machine:

“It’s a key transportation link in the area,” Walker said. “Our #1 priority is and will continue to be ensuring the absolute safety of the public.”

Investment in infrastructure repair has been pushed into the background along with failure to protect Wisconsin citizens health care, and failure to create jobs. Is he even anywhere in the State of Wisconsin today?

Walker's Wisconsin – Eye on Rowe V Wade

Today, every woman has a right to chose an abortion under the Constitution

Yet today, Republicans across the country are ignoring that basic right..and getting away with it!

Governor Walker has sights on the 2016 Presidential Campaign, and he is following the lead of other republican candidates to secure his base on the issue of a woman’s right not to choose to have an abortion. Perhaps, this time his myopic political ambitions will finally abort his effort. In the process, if you can forgive the cliche, he and his GOP legislators, are throwing the baby our with with bathwater. The target in Wisconsin and nationwide is Planned Parenthood Health Services, and to be clear, the organization is not “Planned Parenthood Abortion Services”. Termination of pregnancy is a very small slice of the pie of the health services the organization provides for women.

Planned Parenthood Clinics Closing Statewide

The message from Planned Parenthood web site:

After years of dedicated service to the community, we are letting you know about some unfortunate changes impacting Planned Parenthood’s service in Beaver Dam, Chippewa Falls, Johnson Creek, and Shawano. Due to Governor Walker’s and the state Legislature’s elimination of state funding to Planned Parenthood to support our patient care in the last budget cycle, we will be closing four health centers in 2013.Planned Parenthood

Governor Walkerglick_Dolbeare who fathered a child while a student at Marquette University and abandoned the mother, puts his signature to the law destined to close clinics with a mission to help women in the situation he avoided.

Dr. Bernadette Gillick was the college roommate of the woman who was Scott Walker’s girl friend in the late 1980’s. She came forward with the account of Governor Scott Walker’s abandonment of his girl friend when she became pregnant with his child. (picture right is a photo from “The Hilltop year book archive” of Jennifer Lowe holding her one year old daughter while she was a student at Marquette. (Dr. Gillick used “Ruth” is a pseudo name for Scott Walker’s abandoned girl friend)

Dr.Bernadette Gillick was with Ruth in the hospital for the birth of her child later that year (and says Walker was not present), and later stood up as a bridesmaid in Ruth’s 1992 marriage to another man. She says Walker eventually had to concede that he was the father, after the birth and paternity test.
– It was a “horrible time” for her friend. “Imagine her being 18 years old and pregnant, walking around Marquette’s Jesuit Catholic campus with her boyfriend denying he was the father,”

Services Offered

Birth Control
Emergency Contraception (Morning After Pill)
General Health Care
HIV Testing
LGBT Services
Men’s Health Care
Pregnancy Testing & Services
STD Testing, Treatment & Vaccines
Women’s Health Care

Clinics Closed or Closing

Beaver Dam – will close on June 14, 2013

Chippewa Falls – will close on May 17, 2013

Johnson Creek – will close on July 19, 2013

Shawano – will close on April 19, 2013

The funny thing is, the four closing clinics didn’t even provide abortion services (using federal or state funds for abortions is verboten, anyway); they were just unlucky enough to lose the funds needed to provide basic women’s health care to ladies in their communities.Shuttering Clinics

Notice that the clinics closed did not even provide abortion services

Most the services provided the women of Wisconsin through Planned Parenthood – have nothing to do with abortion. Now, does the cliche “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” make more sense? The legislation to curtail funding any health services provided by Planned Parenthood is just plan cruel, ignorant, and counter productive. Look at the pie chart below which gives a visual proportional slice of all of the health services provided. Abortion is a very small slice of the whole pie (3%) and in the case of the four Wisconsin clinics closed under Walker’s signature there was no slice at all – they did not offer abortion services!


It is politically naive to assume that those who would make abortion illegal have much compassion for what it is like to be a pregnant woman. Scott Walker has already run away from that responsibility of readily admitting paternity when he was a student. He just “Walkered out”. Male legislators in Texas provide a more recent example of the “Walkered out” compassion for women, by pounding through legislation that leaves only two abortion providing clinics in the whole “lone clinic” state.

Clearly the mission is to repeal Roe V Wade

The new headline is: “Wisconsin Lawmakers’ bill seeks to define fetuses and zygotes as ‘people’ in the state Constitution” Rep. André Jacque (R-De Pere) wants to drop the word ‘born’ from this line in the Constitution, “All people are born equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights; among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…”

Rep. André Jacque (R-De Pere) wants to drop the word “born” from that part of the constitution, so it begins, “All people are equally free and independent.” He also wants to add a sentence to the constitution that says, “As applied to the right to life, the terms ‘people’ and ‘person’ shall apply to every human being at any stage of development.”

Jacque said he was trying to fix a “loophole” in the state constitution and make a pre-emptive strike against potential future court action. It is meant to preserve a decades-old statute that bans abortion.

That law has been rendered unenforceable by court rulings, but Jacque and other abortion opponents hope to see it automatically revived if the U.S. Supreme Court reverses its 1973 ruling in Roe v. Wade that found women have a constitutional right to choose abortion.Lawmakers’ bill seeks to give fetuses right to life

Does this give a clue to where this is going?

Jacque’s proposal has less hope than a sperm in a fry pan of surviving to form even a zygote’s dream of hope for a future. The point is that he and his republican zealots are going there, and if it isn’t obvious from all the new anti women legislation being enacted across the country, we must understand how the strategy is to build a case to go up the ladder for the Supreme Court to review Roe V Wade.

After the recent decision on the voting rights act in a 5-4 ruling, authored by Chief Justice John Roberts and joined by Justices Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, ruled in Shelby County v. Holder that “things have changed dramatically” in the South in the nearly 50 years since the Voting Rights Act was signed in 1965.

Rowe V Wade was decided by the Supreme Court in 1973 would the “things have changed dramatically” argument hold for the same five Justices if it were reviewed today? Now, is the time for attention and strategy.

Code Blue…Cardiovascular Blockage… Walker Arrest!

The national conversation has changed radically since Scott Walker became Governor of Wisconsin. Way back in 2010 the nation was flirting with the “grass roots” tea party revolution.

Of course now we know, beyond a doubt, that it was not a “grass roots” uprising at all – is was little more than a plot to capitalize on the anger generated by a near depression generated by the wealthiest among us.

What did the wealthiest among us do? They funded the tea party movement under the engines of Americans for Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation all funded by billionaires like the Koch Brothers.

Way back then, few had heard anything about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which operated secretly to introduce right wing bills into legislatures in Wisconsin and across the country. The prime directive of all these efforts was to repeal Obama care, by demonizing the health care law through town square meetings with representatives, lobbying the Congress, launching court battles that proceeded all the way to the Supreme Court. The sub prime directive was, in the oft quoted words of Senate minority leader Mitch Mc Connel, was to “make Obama a one term president”.

All this was front and center in the national conversation from Walker’s first day as Governor through the decisive election win of Obama in November.

Please take notice. It is over. Obamacare is the law of the land. Obama won the election. He will serve a second term. All the lobbying, billions of dollars spent to give legs for the tea party misinformation, all the court battles, all the protesting and recall elections – the voters have spoken. Obama carried Wisconsin comfortably.

So, what to do about the last remnants of blockage clogging the arteries of unification and progress to accomplish the one all important goal that everyone agreed on in the first place – jobs, jobs, jobs!

Walker Arrest

Many of us know friends or family members who’ve experienced vascular blockage, who were fortunate enough to catch it early. A severe heart attack was avoided as the blockage was cleared and they began to enjoy a normal life.

A very similar blockage is now the problem in the flow of job creation in Wisconsin. Those who fall into denial and ignore signals the body is telling them about blockage do not fair well – the same can be said of denial within the body politic. In Walker’s first speech delivered in the State of California, he didn’t mention jobs, but the lead policy he injected into the arterial flow of ideas was same day vote registration – not jobs but vote registration. You see the denial…the blockage? His job creation policies in the state would send him to the economic emergency room.

Madison — The failed economic agenda of Gov. Scott Walker continues as grim and disturbing news came today from the U.S. Department of Labor that for the week ending December 31, the state of Wisconsin had the second highest number of new unemployment claims of any state in the nation – 10,203 new claims. Michigan with 10,364 new claims, was the only state higher than Wisconsin.

The just-released December information from the U.S. Department of Labor is available here: U.S. Department of Labor

One Wisconsin – Press Release

Words as Anti-coagulant

Finally, a new and different word was used. Like many of the insignificant human events that are captured on a cell phone suddenly become “virile” on You Tube, the word plucked a string on the harp of denial that resonated with the press. The word was: “Arrest”. The word was a simple replacement for “indict” but it carried a break in the two year denial of Walker’s involvement in the John Doe investigation and broke through an area of massive clotting.

Milwaukee Alderman Ashanti Hamilton, didn’t use the word “indict” but he called for the “arrest” of Scott Walker, and Walker reacted.

He told workers that job creation is his priority and that attacks on his support for ending same-day voter registration, including a call for his arrest by Milwaukee alderman Ashanti Hamilton, are baseless.

“My guess is, for some of these individuals and groups they don’t have an alternative to what we’re talking about in the economy they don’t have better suggestions for what we want to do on the economy improving…so they just want to distract attention,” said Walker.WKOW TV

Video – Walker’s Response

WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports

Code Blue!

Isn’t this like a man who ignores the pain developing in his arm, his shortness of breath, the appearance of the yellowing of the eye? Do you hear and see the denial?
The election is over. The National conversation has shifted. The last blockage to job creation is the polices of the job creators themselves.

What does the future hold? A total Walker Arrest!

Union Busting, Malfeasance, how about INCOMPETENCE?

Wisconsin Chooses Chaos

The state houses in Pennsylvania, Oregon, New Hampshire Colorado, New York, Maine were all controlled by Republicans. After the Nov. 6 election all those states shifted. The voters spoke to end the GOP majority and the super majority in those state legislatures. They had enough of a one sided political avalanche of ALEC written bills to enact voter ID laws, limit a woman’s right to control her own body, and limit workers from organizing for work place safety and wages.

But not Wisconsin. After, a few sweet months of peaceful balance in the Wisconsin legislature while Democrats were allowed a voice in the state senate for the first time since Walker and the Fitzgerald Brothers took control of the executive and legislative branches of state government – Wisconsin voters spoke.

All of that will change on New Year’s Eve when the GOP will take control of two branches of government all over again.

Are Wisconsin voters are stupid?

Our fine senator from the State of Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, would argue this outcome is all about stupid voters. Well, in a way. He pointed his accusing finger at Wisconsin voters saying they were “uninformed”. Oh, not for the choice to return a GOP majority to the state house, but to keep Obama and send Tammy Baldwin to the senate.

Johnson attributed Obama’s win on the heels of those Republican gains in Wisconsin to an uninformed electorate who voted in this election but not in the [Scott] Walker recall.

“If you aren’t properly informed, if you don’t understand the problems facing this nation, you are that much more prone to falling prey to demagoguing solutions. And the problem with demagoguing solutions is they don’t work,” Johnson said. “I am concerned about people who don’t fully understand the very ugly math we are facing in this country.” Huffington

So Ron, in his masterful command of logic, posits that stupid voters only make there uninformed choice in national elections. Yep, he is our Senator. When you point a finger at the stupid voters there are three fingers pointing back at you – there is some “very ugly math” for you.

The Wrong Argument for Recall

Walker is one of the most ineffectual leaders in Wisconsin History

It’s been said that human beings discover the obvious either first or last. The target issue for the recall of Scott Walker was painted by the press as a bulls eye of union busting. The first circle out of the bulls eye was John Doe, and that “he was the only governor with a legal defense fund”. Malfeasance and union busting seemed so obvious at first.

Now, comes the latent discovery – the final obvious fact glares at us after the vote was cast: incompetence

I will develop strategies for creating 250,000 new jobs by 2015

That was the promise of Governor Scott Walker made when he took office and remains on line as a pdf brochure to sell his “Wisconsin is open for business” plan for job creation in Wisconsin. The bottom line of the graph shows Walker’s job creation performance compared to that of other states.See large image of Walker job performance graph HERE Walker Jobs

After two years in office – look at the graph. Wisconsin shows one of the lowest job growth rates in the country. Does it look like he is on track to fulfill his promise? This is not Republican or Democrat – it is math. The math equation is Promise Minus Performance = INCOMPETENCE


High Speed Rail Put Jobs in Walker’s Hands

The job creating deal was all signed, sealed, and delivered. The train maker Talgo had already invested in a plant to build train sets in Wisconsin. It was a “done” deal. One of the first moves Walker made was to abandon the plan and kill the thousands of jobs in Wisconsin.

The video below is dramatization of one of the most job destructive decisions ever made by a governor of Wisconsin.

Why did Walker reject high speed rail?

The job creating potential of Talgo, that was already in place in Milwaukee and looking ahead to years of production, was seen as such an obvious beacon in the dark tunnel of economic woe that Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois immediately laid out a red carpet for Talgo with a willingness of circus puppy.

Broken Contracts

Now Talgo is Suing Walker for 42 Million Dollars

A manufacturer has sued Gov. Scott Walker and is claiming it does not have to turn over two new train sets that have cost the state more than $42 million.

The state agreed in 2009 to buy two new train sets from Talgo Inc. for Amtrak’s Hiawatha line, which runs from Milwaukee to Chicago, but Walker’s administration and Republicans in the Legislature have repeatedly clashed with the firm since last year.Talgo Sues WSJ Online

Is it possible for a leader to be so blinded by political principles he would completely miss the obvious path to his own stated goals and reject a job creation deal because it was the idea of a political adversary?

The equation might be: Jobs minus Non-partisanship=INCOMPETENCE

Health Care

“Obamacare is now the law of the land” – John Boehner Speaker of the House

Walker’s myopic vision of his personal and party agenda is stuck inside a box. It is a caged animal clawing for escape shredding the institutions and traditions of government. He has rejected Obama Care at every turn. He has delayed and denied any preparation for the Health Care Law enactment. Just because you don’t like or agree with the plans to build a dam downstream, it would be foolish not to raise the height of your boat dock. Not Walker. It’s not the way he works. He is not a leader who takes into consideration the welfare of the family of people he serves. He knows better. If he determines an idea like Obamacare is the dam that will cause a rise in the deficit, he will prove it by letting the people drown.

Madison — Barack Obama’s re-election win poses a political conundrum for Gov. Scott Walker over how to handle the president’s signature health-care law.

The victory for the president and the return of the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate means Obamacare will remain the law of the country. But Walker decided late last year to stop planning to implement the health-care law in Wisconsin, preferring instead to hold out for an Obama defeat and a repeal of the law.

Now the state will have to scramble if it wants to put in place a virtual marketplace, or exchange, required by the law to allow consumers and small businesses to purchase health coverage.

By Nov. 16, states need to inform the federal government whether they’ll implement their exchanges themselves or leave it up to federal officials to decide how to do that, said Bobby Peterson, head of the Madison nonprofit ABC for Health. The exchange would need to be in place by the beginning of 2014.

“If they (have to) put something in, it’ll be rushed. They admit it doesn’t have stakeholder input and it’d be a half-hearted effort and that’s too bad,” Peterson said of the Walker administration. Walker Health Care Dilemma

The math might be: Reality minus Preparation=INCOMPETENCE

How do you deal with incompetence?

It isn’t like the people haven’t tried. The people of Wisconsin have been offered three separate opportunities, two recall elections followed by a general election, to correct the pattern of incompetence. It is said that politics changes like the weather, which gives us hope for the development of a high-road pressure system that might give the much needed rain on the dry dessert of poor decisions and partisan power grabbing on the fractured soil of Wisconsin.

Walker MLK DAY – African-American Babies Die

Without issuing any press release or public announcement Ted Nickel did his “dirty”
How Can Walker Rationalize His Appearance?

Walker To Appear At MLK Ceremony
Gov. Will Start Day At Milwaukee Event

Posted: 6:55 am CST January 16, 2012

MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Scott Walker plans to participate in the state’s official Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday ceremony Monday.

The state’s ceremony is planned over the noon hour in the Capitol rotunda. It is one of several ceremonies planned to mark the day across the state.

Walker was starting his day at the annual Milwaukee YMCA Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast.

Nickel (pictured far left) quietly filed an official request asking the federal government for a three-year waiver from new standards requiring that health insurance companies spend at least 80 percent of premiums on medical care. The reform went into effect this year, and is part of the legislation that is most despised by the GOP; the national health care law, the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare.

Lakisha Stinson and her daughter, Rashyia, who was born last month and is healthy, live in a Milwaukee neighborhood where the rate at which African-American babies die is worse than Botswana.

In Milwaukee, babies die during their first year of life at a rate greater than all but six of the nation’s 53 largest cities.

In Milwaukee, babies die at rates associated with the Third World.

In Milwaukee, the infant mortality rate for all children, regardless of race, exceeds that of Uruguay, Bosnia or Kuwait.

The Walker Lie

Now Walker and Smith make it sound like they deserve the credit for Badger Care (Family Care) expansion!

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, December 28, 2011
Governor Walker Announces Plan to Lift Family Care Enrollment Cap, Expand to New Counties
Legislative action needed to lift cap and expand long-term care program

Madison–Earlier this year an enrollment cap was placed on Family Care in response to a Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) evaluation which found a number of areas the program could be improved and made more efficient. After a briefing on the hard work done by DHS over the past couple of months, today Governor Walker announced a plan to lift the Family Care cap. Governor Walker’s plan also calls for Family Care to be expanded to additional counties.
Walker Press Release

Just for a Laugh – Read This Sentence from the Release

A very critical issue raised in the report was that the cost effectiveness of Family Care was difficult to assess. Because the Department was able to take the time to strengthen the program, Wisconsin now has the detailed data needed to develop solutions to ensure Family Care is on sound financial footing for those in the program now and for future enrollees.

The Critical issue – “Cost effectiveness was difficult to access” – yet they strengthened the program? No! They desperately used every deceitful trick like seeking a waiver to protect Insurance Company Profits!

Will Walker/Smith take full credit for Obama’s 23.1 Million Bonus?

Note the Bonus was a reward for children enrolled BEFORE Walker/Smith worked to CUT 35,000 families from the program:

“number of children enrolled monthly in Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP) increased by 121,000 between 2007 and 2010. Wisconsin received the second largest bonus in the country.”
Wisconsin Receives $23.1 Million Performance Bonus for 2010.

Great News for the Children of Wisconsin – NO THANKS TO WALKER/SMITH

MADISON—Increased access to health care services for children through the BadgerCare Plus program qualified Wisconsin for a federal bonus of $23.1 million for this year, federal officials announced today. The Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009 (CHIPRA) provides performance bonus payments to encourage states to enroll more uninsured Medicaid-eligible children and help offset increased enrollment costs.

Wisconsin received the bonus from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) because the average number of children enrolled monthly in Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP) increased by 121,000 between 2007 and 2010. Wisconsin received the second largest bonus in the country.

Read Reauthorization Act Reward Document

To Add Insult to Injury

The video captures Scott Walker singing “We Shall Overcome” at the celebration at the Capitol at noon today.

Only a sociopath could lie in song in face of the memory of Martin Luther King.

Obama's last Wisconsin visit Jan 26?

Scheduling or Strategy?

Time to Stand with Wisconsin

Double checking the map Wisconsin is a gray shaded battleground state.

A day after his State of the Union address, President Obama visited the headquarters of power technology company Orion Energy Systems, Inc. in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. In a speech, Obama called for the U.S. to “up [its] game” in a time of increasing global competition. The decision to make Wisconsin the first state Obama visited following his State of the Union address was seen as making political sense, given the upcoming 2012 presidential election and the state’s central position in the “Midwest battleground”.Obama national visits

February – November a long, long time

Wisconsin has been engaged in the struggle of its live over the past 9 months. Many have noticed how Obama has been less than aggressive in his mounting the bully pulpit in support of the unions, teachers, seniors, and children of Wisconsin. As time passes without some message of strong support from the President through this whirlwind of vilification and attack, progressives can only begin to question his virtual silence through a challenged Spring Supreme Court race, an historic recall action against 6 GOP state Senators, a ruling of the State Supreme Court that dismissed the legislature from constitutional impertives regarding open meetings rules, and now, another historic recall effort against the governor of the state.

Bully Up

Why the silence? Wisconsin looks to Obama to take a stand against the Koch Bros., ALEC, Americans for Prosperity whose largess threatens the very heart of democracy. Secretary of Health Services (or Czar) is seeking a federal waiver exempting Wisconsin from receiving funds promised by the Heath Care Law that would will leave seniors cut from medicare and families, mothers, and children stripped of the safety net of Badger Care. This at a time when the infant mortality rate in Milwaukee is that of a third world country.

Climb up that bully pulpit and talk to us. We are on your side.

OCCUPY – Medicaid Cuts – Town Hall


The 1% wants to cut Badger Care for the 99%

While Milwaukee has been shown to have one of the highest infant mortality rates in the country, Dennis Smith – Wisconsin Health Czar plans to cut 350,000 seniors, families and children from the Badger Care Program.

As with most Walker Administration events, the date was not released until Sunday Oct. 16 or just 3 days before the meeting in order to decrease attendance.

Please share this with your friends, and associates.

Town Hall Meeting On Medicaid Savings Initiatives

Goodman Community Center
Evjue Community Room D
149 Waubesa Street, Madison, WI
Wednesday, October 19, 2011
1:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M



Madison, WI 53704
Evjue Community Room D

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The state Department of Health Services will hold a town hall meeting in Madison about proposed changes to Medicaid.

Town Hall Meeting in Milwaukee Oct.21
Save Badger Care Coalition

On January 3, 2011 Just hours after Scott Walker became Governor, Dennis Smith was appointed to serve as Secretary of the Department of Health Services . Dennis G. Smith, a consultant with (ultra conservative) Leavitt Partners, is a former (Koch supported) Heritage Foundation Senior Fellow and former Director of the Center for Medicaid and State Operations at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (Under Bush/Cheney).
More than just a the head of the Department – He is the czar

Smith was given unprecedented power through language buried deep in the budget-repair bill that would give Smith and the Walker administration unprecedented power to revamp the state’s Badger Care program without following the legislative processes, public vetting, and even state laws normally required.
Read more


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