Walker Demands Full UNION RIGHTS for Election Workers

Because they work so hard

The long hours, the stressful environment, exposure to flat screens, are only a few of the demanding workplace factors visited on election workers. They are often senior citizens, and are forced to endure hostile conditions on any given election day in Wisconsin. It came to the attention of the state’s chief administrator that these workers are often volunteers who get the same hours of training as a bell ringer for the Salvation Army kettles at Christmas time. Is it any wonder that problems surface such as discovering 14,000 votes days after an election, discovering vote materials in dumpsters, and inaccuracies in registration information?

The Walker Epiphany

The Governor spoke of his decision to reform the administration of our election process as a sudden and striking realization – a breakthrough or an enlightening shift in consciousness that visited him with a new and deeper perspective. After all, we reward campaign donors like Bill Gardner with lucrative state contracts for his railroad, and allow billionaire Diane Hendricks, who donated $500,000 to the Walker campaign, to pay no state taxes. It is time to offer many of these same benefits to election workers. Why do we entrust the administration of our elections to a volunteer workforce with almost no training? Why are we shocked to find our state elections fraught with administrative problems?

The Election Workers Union of Wisconsin

The costs of building an effective and efficient workforce to administer elections would be astronomical – if it were done from scratch. Sometimes the same workers that have been demonized, and branded as “takers” come back to haunt. The epiphany came in the form of a vision of Joe McCarthy appearing to Walker as a ghost of Christmas past. Take a peek into the nightmare visited at the stroke of midnight in the governor’s mansion last week:



The next morning the governor awoke and threw open the second story window. He appeared in his “Bucky” pajamas as he flung open the door of the AFSCME Council 24 · AFL-CIO
8033 Excelsior Dr., Suite C, in Madison. He was singing a familiar song, “I dreamed I saw Joe McCarthy last night, alive as you and me”.

By noon the governor left the office with an outline of the plan to unionize election officials in the State of Wisconsin, for he had also visited the scene of a Christmas future when Wisconsin was applauded as the leader in national election reform with a fully unionized, professional work force.

God bless us, every one.

Walker's Joe McCarthy Award

Apparently the Press has been Duped

If you google the Governor of the Year award received by Scott Walker, you will find page after page of news organizations that have picked up the story.

The WSAU site identifies the source of the publication

The Governors Journal is a one-year-old online publication from Pagani Public Affairs of Washington. It said Walker was “the embodiment of the state-by-state battle to balance budgets, and the best symbol of the struggle between the two political parties about how best to meet those fiscal challenges.”WSAU

If you google Pagini Public Affairs of Washington, you will find little or nothing about the organization except a reference like this:

Company Overview

Pagini Aurii SA, a subsidiary of VNU N.V., is a telephone directory company in Romania.Pagini

HERE is the link to the site of the AWARD GIVER…just about as impressive as the governor himself.

Whoever awarded Walker is so well established and prestigious that it is difficult to trace who, where, or what they are.

It seems Politiscoop got it right. If this on line, untraceable, “Governor’s Journal” awarded Walker with “Best Governor” than it only follows that Politiscoop’s award to Walker of the “Joe McCarthy Renaissance Award” is even more news worthy.

Madison — Scott Walker has earned the prestigious “Joe McCarthy Renaissance Award”, an award given out by Politiscoop.com. Walker can now place this award next to his “Governor of the Year” award he recently received from the “Governors Journal”.

While “Governor of the Year” sounds impressive and is certainly an outstanding achievement, if you are a fan of the “Governors Journal”. The mainstream media certainly took up the proclamation, hook, line and sinker. The JSonline, TMJ4, Fox6now,and Gannett Newspapers tripped over one another to be the first to announce it.

But wait, Governors Journal? Is that as well respected as Time Magazine (incidentally, Time named the protestor as person of the year) or Forbes? The Liberal Blog “Root River Siren” looked into the Governors Journal (the website) and found this:

Given the enormous amount of exposure by the media given to this award, I think it’s fair to question their motives for giving it so much weight, especially when the Governors Journal publication has only been in business for such a small amount of time. Therefore, I demand that the MSM proclaim Walker has earned the award, “Joe McCarthy Renaissance 2011 ” for the following reasons.

1. Corporate Give-a-ways while cutting Badgercare for kids.

2. Destroying Collective Bargaining so he can access public employee pensions.

3. Walker’s quest in social engineering, in order to create Stepford citizens.

After winning the Joe McCarthy award, what would Joe have to say to Scott via Dickens?