M.A.P. Month After Protest

The map on the left shows the vote percentage in the Governor’s race between Walker and Barrett when the proverbial “sleeping giant” was in deep r.e.m., apathy induced, slumber.

The Republican-aligned candidate Prosser was the clear front runner in the race with 55 % of the vote compared to Kloppenburg’s 25%.

The Feb. 15 primaries for the Wisconsin State Court was just four days after Walker introduced his collective bargaining bill into the state legislature.

The “sleeping giant” began to toss and turn from severe gas pain, giving rise to a nightmare in which Scott Walker was being held on the shoulders of the Koch brothers and skating across the frozen state like oil through a pipe line. The Giant awoke in a fury.

The giant reached for the paper to read a headline about Walker’s intention of abolishing collective bargaining rights for most public employees; excluding police and fire fighters. The announcement came with a threat that, if necessary, he would call out the National Guard to enforce his decree.

The giant roared awake, brushed the sleep from eyes, and called 100,000 friends to storm the Capitol, to make signs, chant, drum, and beep to make sure the Walker decree would not go in Wisconsin. Oh, and how they answered the call. King Walker was sure they would go away once they got cold, tired, and bored. But they stood and stayed – and the crowds got bigger, and louder, and more angry.

All the King’s men concocted a plan to sneak the measure through in the dark of a Winter night. They passed the bill and then went across the street to  celebrate with drinks, and libation. The giant caught them, brought them to the chamber, and got an injunction on their bill from the chief magistrate.

Then most miraculous thought came to the giant. It seemed preposterous that a unknown candidate who scored only 25% of the vote in the primary election could defeat an incumbent of 12 years seniority. But they worked, and tweeted, and called right up until the day of the election. Oh, it was a long, long night as the vote tally shifted back and forth and up and down, and even as morning light broke, no clear winner could be found. It looked bleak indeed in the morning hours as they waited, hoped, and prayed for a break that would take candidate Kloppenburg into the lead. Then just as the noon sirens were sounding in the small towns and villages of the state, it happened! She went ahead, but by just  a little.

The lead of a little over 200 votes stood and stayed. She had won!

The map above on the left shows what the people accomplished.

The giant and the people were proud and joyful at this accomplishment against big dollars, and harsh oppression and they celebrated and rested. Only for a short while, for so much work remained to be done to rid Walker and his henchmen from their house.

Following Walker w/ Signs, Chants, and Drums! update 3-30

Happy Trails until you reach the end Jan. 1-12

Friday, April 1 · 5:00pm – 6:30pm
Country Springs Hotel
2810 Golf Road
Pewaukee, WI

61st Annual Lincoln/Reagan Dinner
Republican Party of Waukesha County sold out crowd of 500

Gov. Scott Walker is the main speaker for the night, but Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Menomonee Falls, and Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Janesville, will also speak, in addition to state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald.

Back Door Scotty

Walker sneaks past the pesky protesters in Eau Claire and finds a back door.

Wherever you go we will follow

Governor Walker attended a little fundraiser yesterday……but he may not have liked his welcoming committee. Wisconsin protesters lined the entrance & welcomed him with chants of “shame, Shame, Shame”, signs, whistles & Wisconsin style hospitality.

The plan is to follow him everywhere he goes. Everywhere. His schedule should be a matter of public record. We wouldn’t want the Guv to feel lonely. His constituents are ready & willing to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Happy Trails, Governor.

From the Daily Kros