Why Don't Wis. Democrats set up Exchanges?

Can Democrats in the legislature call an “end around” the Governor?

Why not think out of the box to go around Walker’s refusal to cooperate with the federal government to set up insurance exchanges in Wisconsin? Why not think grid iron tactics and recruit Mike McCarthy to bring his plasticized sheet of plays to the legislature to win the Obamacare Super Bowl?
(Mark Miller pictured getting “end around” play from Mike McCarthy)

Call an “End Around”

The end-around is a play in American football in which a wide receiver crosses the backfield towards the opposite end of the line and receives a handoff directly from the quarterback.[1] The receiver then may proceed to do one of two things: he either runs the ball towards the line of scrimmage in order to gain yardage, or more rarely, attempts to pass to another eligible pass receiver. Both versions of the end-around are uncommon and can be considered trick plays.Wiki

I am not genius nor am I a lawyer – but neither is Walker. The “end-around” is being tested in the State of Mississippi – Wis Democrats can steal the play!

Mike Chaney as the state’s Republican Insurance Commissioner stands out from the GOP crowd who despise anything connected to President Obama, especially the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Chaney met the deadline for states to furnish HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius a compliance letter and a detailed plan if they intended to operate their own exchange. The exchanges are more or less an online market list of health insurance plans, showing price and benefits each company offers.

Chaney has taken the position that the exchange is not a political idea but a “universal idea.” In this state — which has one of the nation’s highest ratios of citizens without insurance coverage — the insurance exchange will make coverage available to 275,000 Mississippians, according to a study by a respected health-care watchdog group.

Chaney’s gutsy move in filing the state’s health insurance exchange plan with Secretary Sibelius is not entirely out of the woods yet: Will Chaney’s signature on the plan, rather than Gov. Phil Bryant’s, be enough to pass muster with Sibelius? A spokesman for Chaney’s office (he was traveling outside the state) told me they had “every reason to believe” the HHS secretary will okay it.Mississippi Sun Herald

Time for the Heroic 14 to DO SOMETHING

Walker’s honeymoon with Wisconsin voters is over with talk of a hopeful divorce as the John Doe investigation narrows its cites on the Walker bulls eye. The majority’s choice was for Obama’s health care plan over Romney’s repeal threat in the November election. Democrats have every reason to believe that an action to “go around” Walker’s divisive and dictatorial decision to “not cooperate” with Sibelius to insure the people of Wisconsin, could only be met with support. If legislators had the courage to vacate the state during the honeymoon, what’s hold them back from bucking his over reach as he faces an impending divorce?

Make the final blow. Take him down for the count.

Progressives are blindly fulfilling the preachings of Ann Coulter and Fox News pundits who claim that liberals will always whine and moan over the dark spots on the moon. The current focus is on the one dark spot on the full moon of accomplishment and victorious achievement.

Dems have the real power. Progressives have the grass roots message that harmonizes with the national conversation, but seem to be afraid to sing. So, how is it that Walker has been taken to the ropes? Why have the major legislative jewels in his crown turned out to be paste? Look very closely. The emperor has no clothes and is about to lose his fig leaf. Yet, the focus and fear on losing the senate seems to have legislators staring at their hands – they dare not speak while Walker is still wearing the crown.

Fired Up – Ready to go

If I were a Dem legislator I would be developing strategies to launch the final blow to the head of a weakened and wobbling opponent. This is not time for hand sitting and waiting for the stumbling contender to cross the ring, before the attack. The mistake would be to wait to react. Now is the time to get, “Fired up – Ready to go!”.

Why not take the example of Mike Chaney of Mississippi and establish a plan to work with Sibelius to set up heath care exchanges for the people of Wisconsin? What do Democrats have to lose? If they need to evacuate to Illinois to do it, so be it. Time to take action, make a move. Trust and use the progressive base on the offensive. The base is ready to be lead. Get creative. Take action. We have your back.