John Doe Insists "He is not Scott Walker"

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!”

The Shadow is a fictional character appearing in serialized dramas on radio in 1930 and later in pulp magazines beginning in 1931. Eventually the character appeared in a wide variety of other media. Details of the character have varied across various media, but is generally depicted as a crime fighting vigilante with psychic powers posing as a “wealthy, young man about town”.WIKI

Exclusive Interview

Free Wisconsin corners John Doe

After over two years of tracking John Doe through leads provided by email, phone conversations, and worn shoe leather and NIKI rubber – John Doe was finally located, cornered and interviewed.

So, we sat down with the mysterious, nebulous, almost mythical character in an undisclosed location, which can only be described as…dark. We were ordered to put bags over our head, enter the back seat of a 1938 Ford V8 DeLuxe, and were driven for what seemed like hours. When the bags were pulled from our heads we sat in a pool of dim light with the shadowy figure before us. The man held the aspect of a grainy old film so when he moved, trailers were left in the wake of each gesture, but it was clear that John Doe was seated on a Harley Davidson motor cycle.

The interview transcript

Reporter: Are you Scott Walker?

John: Who wants to know?

Reporter: The people of Wisconsin want to know. Scott Walker insists that he is not you.

John: He says a lot of things, does he not?

Reporter: Then let me ask directly. Are you Scott Walker?

John: That’s for me to know, and for you to find out. Ask some questions. You are the reporter.

Reporter: Where you born on November 2, 1967 making you 45 years old?

John: You got that right.

Reporter: Are you a Republican who is married to a woman named Tonette?

John: You’ve done some research.

Reporter: Why won’t you come forward and identify yourself as Scott Walker, the Governor of Wisconsin?

John: You mere mortals do not understand the realm of the shadows or as you refer to them “smoke and mirrors”. I am not the, Scott Walker, the mere mortal that you may believe me to be, although he is a master of the game of deception and drawing from monied interests to fill the room with smoke to choke out the voices of people of lesser means.

Reporter: Are you telling me that you are not Scott Walker?

John: Please understand. Your question comes to me as a child asking why the sky is blue. I cannot fill in the gaps you lack in consciousness to offer a specific answer, except to say that I am not Scott Walker. I am all humans of his mortal resonance. I am a matrix to truth and justice, for within me lies the mystic swirl. I hold the possibility for correction of a problem which is the cause of all suffering – the problem of the of the human self run rampant.

I will tell you, and this should be obvious to a democratic majority of people under his influence by now, that this Scott Walker with whose identity I am charged – holds a human self run rampant.

Reporter: But will Wisconsin be freed of the “ego run rampant”. Can you tell us?

John: Of course I could tell you. But I will not. I can say that “The Arc of the Moral Universe Is Long, but It Bends Toward Justice”, but the forge and hammer for fashioning the curve is the reason for your existence, not mine.

And with that John Doe disappeared. Our heads were bagged once more, and were transported back to the place we had originated our mysterious interview.