John Doe and Anonymous walk into a bar…

The bartender asks, “What’ll you have?”
Their eyes meet and they look back at the bartender, “Guess”.

(If you have a better set up, feel free to comment.)

The truth is up for grabs

Between the nearly 900 day long Secret John Doe Investigation which began May 10, 2010 and the claim of the secret group Anonymous that they saved the presidential election from a vote flipping attack of a Karl Rove Hack – well, I just don’t know anymore.

In a speech about Wisconsin, delivered in California, Walker expressed his dissatisfaction with “same day voter registration law”. Many listeners not only strongly disagree but would propose the need for a unique new law – a “same day indictment law”.

Finally, in the course of the sentencing hearing of Kelly Rindfleisch, and a hour long power point demonstration – Scott Walker has finally been “implicated”. The news followed that the sentencing of former Walker aide Darlene Wink has been postponed again! It won’t happen until after the trial of Tim Russell. After the first of the year! Wis Politics

implicate” (Merrium Webster) to involve as a consequence, corollary, or natural inference

How far is “implicate” from “indict”? I just don’t know.

John Doe and Anonymous walk into a bar…

The bartender asks, “What can I get you guys?” The two speak in unison, “You don’t wanna know”.

Did Anonymous Save the Presidential Election – I just don’t know.

So, Anonymous the covert organization that warned Karl Rove and American Crossroads they would be watching their servers and prevent a steal of the presidential election, told the world they had done just that. They wrote a public letter describing the firewall they had set up to stop the Karl Rove attack on election night.

Did Anonymous really undo Karl Rove on election night” I just don’t know.

Thom Hartman suggests than not only is it entirely possible, but even quite likely.

“It’s possible that Karl Rove used SmartTECH’s servers in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to flip the vote totals in Ohio in 2004 and thus steal the election that year for George W. Bush – and just as possible that he tried to do the same thing this year on Romney’s behalf but was thwarted by the hacktivist group Anonymous.

Election Integrity activists are hoping that Anonymous will come forth with proof of the Rove attack. The revelation would be earth shaking. It could well trump the Watergate conspiracy to become the story of the decade of century. What’s more, proof the the hack would legitimize a decade of evidence brought forth by election activists, some who have lost their lives, to prove election theft by the programming of electronic voting machines.

Will Anonymous come forth with evidence? – I just don’t know.