Wis. Babies Nickel'd to Death

Another Shady and Secret Maneuver – This Time it is Aimed at Babies, Mothers, Families, and Seniors

How does one create a greater enemy of the people than Scott Walker and his administration? Charles Dickens might be hard pressed to imagine such a villainous regime as has been foisted on the backs of the folks of Badgerland. Not a week goes by without a new unethical trick, maneuver, or side long crash into the heart of state statutes, and constitution. The only fear is that the people have grown so accustomed to this unceasing dissonance that the constant sway against the harsh political wind has encouraged a complacent bend of acceptance or even apathy. How may petitions must we sign? How many signatures must we canvass? How much more can we possibly take? It’s gotten to the point where I feel I am retelling the same story over and over and just changing the names – Kathy Nickolaus, Prosser, Van Holen, Kapanke, Fitzgerald 1 & 2 and on and on.

The bottom line of “ENOUGH!”
Yet, with all the long fought actions of recalls, canvases, and perpetual activism there has finally come an injustice, a horror, and heart rending leap of inhumanity to which I must scream – that is when babies are allowed to die. That is the latest sociopathic action of the Walker administration. Like most of their machinations it is being done on the sly, without regard for legislative rules and behind the cloak of controlling spending, supporting job creators, and reigning in on government regulations.

Ted Nickel (pictured left in photo) is the grim reaper in the latest scenario. Nickels was a appointed State Insurance Commissioner by Walker in what appears to be yet another in a long line of pay-to-play appointments. (Yes. I have told this story before) Back in July the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign filed complaints accusing Walker and 10 wealthy contributors of 24 violations of state campaign finance law. Ted Nickel was just one of the contributors named in the complaint who contributed more than the $10,000 state law allows. Walker, Donors Accused Of 24 Violations Of Campaign Finance Law

Before the Walker appointment Ted Nickel was Chairman of WISCONSIN INSURANCE ALLIANCE. The Alliance is a campaign contribution wheel of fortune. The total Given from 2004 to 2011: $121,247 (284 records). You can check the link above for a complete and detailed track of Alliance money trail.

Ted Nickel stealthy scenario

Without issuing any press release or public announcement Nickel did his “dirty”. He quietly filed an official request asking the federal government for a three-year waiver from new standards requiring that health insurance companies spend at least 80 percent of premiums on medical care. The reform went into effect this year, and is part of the legislation that is most despised by the GOP; the national health care law, the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare.

Waiving these requirements is waving good by to a lot of money, and leads to cutting 350,000 people from Badger Care. The waiver will cost Wisconsin consumers millions of dollars in rebates that health insurers would otherwise have to pay back if their profits and overhead exceed the new standards. Note: this money would not come from government or tax payers, but from the insurance companies. Yet, Walker, Nickel, and Public Health Service Director Dennis Smith are all for it.

As usual, the Walker administration’s sympathy is not with Wisconsin workers struggling to afford health insurance, but with a for-profit health insurance industry that is enjoying record profits. Waiver

To add death to insult, this callous request for a waiver comes at a time when the infant mortality rate in places like Milwaukee is at epidemic proportions.

Why have Walker and Nickel done this quietly?

The Federal Government has 90 days to respond or the waiver is granted. The waiver request was submitted quietly because, if no one raises their voice, chances are the time limit will expire, the waiver will take effect by default, Badger Care will cut mothers, families, and seniors from its roles and babies will die.

Would you take second to make your voice known? Will you help solve the epedemic infant mortality rate?

You don’t need to march or occupy any street, building, or park. It takes less than a minute to sign a petition directly to the Obama administration. With 25,000 signatures the issue will be addressed and answered via email. You are not asked to donate or sign up for anything. Your only risk is to surrender you email address to the “We the People” petition site administered by the White House. Your action will send out an alarm about the Walker/Nickel secret waiver. Your action might help a pregnant mother, a sick child, or strapped senior citizen.

Please help. Please Sign and Share.

Click on the Empty Cradle below

You will land on the We the People Petition Page. Sign and share using the face book and Twitter links on the page.


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Please help Protect Badger Care – NO WAIVER

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