John Doe goes to Washington

“Wisconsin used to be the laboratory of democracy. Now we’re the laboratory of plutocracy.”

The quote above is from Matthew Rothschild, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Executive Director, from an address ““Let’s Give the Pendulum a Shove” on Saturday, April 11, in Milltown, Wisconsin, at the Jefferson-La Follette-Dueholm Dinner.

The laboratory of plutocracy and John Doe


The last breath of hope to end Scott Walker’s devastating reign on Wisconsin is to reveal the truth behind his rise to power in order to indict him. Oh and how people long for justice to fall on Scott Walker. All is contained within the secret John Doe investigation. So, why is it so difficult to get to the the truth when it is so glaringly obvious – that Scott Walker did know about and had an active hand in the secret email network within a few yards of his Milwaukee Executive office? Because Citizens United has morphed and metastasized into a vertical and horizontal corporate machine – a plutocracy. Not only are unlimited funds being flooded into miscreant election activities, but into new and nefarious activities to control the courts.

At the time of “Wisconsin Uprising” sparked as a reaction to Act 10, progressives held on to hope that the arc of the moral universe would bend toward justice – until it sprung back and hit us in the face causing a concussive injury from which the body politic is still reeling. As you remember, Act 10 survived the injunction on June 14, 2011 by a ruling of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. It came like a sting, a slap in the face, to understand that the judicial branch of government was every bit as partisan, biased, and bigoted as the Walker administration, and the legislature.

Citizens United – including the Koch Bros., Bradley Foundation, Club for Growth, Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce were given a seat in the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Actually it was one year before the ruling on Act 10 when the ground work was laid to open the floodgates for money to poor in and corrupt the judicial process.

On July 7, 2010 – Justice Roggensack and the three other conservatives on the bench ruled that, “a judge shall not be required to recuse himself or herself in a proceeding based solely on any endorsement or the judge’s campaign committee’s receipt of a lawful campaign contribution, including a campaign contribution from an individual or entity involved in the proceeding.” The ruling, which was met with an angry dissent from Chief Justice Abrahamson and the other liberal justices, dictates that a justice can rule on a case—or at least cannot be forced to recuse himself—even if one of the parties in the case contributed to that justice’s campaign committee.Daily Beast

Now, the justices were no longer expected or required to recuse themselves from rulings that directly involve individuals or entities who contributed big money to their election campaigns. Little did we know the million dollars contributed to the campaigns of Prosser, Roggensack, Gableman, and Ziegler by Club for Growth would become blood money in the John Doe case. Sweet! Whether the non-recuse ruling back in 2010 was made in anticipation of a future hearing of the John Doe case or it was just another power grab from the tea party right, is of little importance now. It is done and the high court will rule on three separate cases pertaining to John Doe. But before we get into the specifics, let’s look at how the three cases got into the hands of the high court by manipulation of the pultocracy, and specifically the one bombastic ruling of one Federal Judge. (The complete evolution of John Doe 2 through the courts is outlined in the post John (I’m not saying anything) Doe

U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa (below)_ RULES!

How does this sound for a Rudolf ruling?

“The Defendants must cease all activities related to the investigation, return all property seized in the investigation from any individual or organization, kochrandaand permanently destroy all copies of information and other materials obtained through the investigation,” U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa wrote at the end of his 26-page decision. “Plaintiffs and others are hereby relieved of any and every duty under Wisconsin law to cooperate further with Defendants‘ investigation.”TPM

Wow. It is almost as if the words were inspired by an angry mom screaming from the back door.”Rudolf get in this house right now! Except it was more like David and Charles Koch (above) doing the yelling “Rudolf, threaten them with the Guillotine and the Gulag!”. Perhaps the screaming parent analogy is a little strong, but not far from the truth. The Koch Brothers bought Randa.

Financial disclosure forms examined by the center show that U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa has been a regular attendee at “judicial junkets” organized by George Mason University and financed by groups including the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Randa attended the all-expenses-paid judicial seminars in 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012. The seminars are privately-funded, and the backers also include corporations like BP, Exxon Mobil, and Dow Chemical.

Just another little experiment in the laboratory of plutocracy… aka Wisconsin.

It was the Randa ruling that effectively halted the John Doe investigation. Even though the ruling was overruled on Sept. 24, 2014 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago as an “intrusion”, it didn’t make any difference. By this time the Koch, Club for Growth, Bradley Foundation – well let’s just say plutocracy, had effectively split the case into a litigator’s jig saw puzzle, and finally the Wisconsin Supreme Court agreed to sort out the mess. But they won’t sort out anything. Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

MADISON, Wis. (Legal Newsline) — The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday declined to hear arguments as it decides whether to allow a secret, or “John Doe,” investigation into Gov. Scott Walker and his 2012 recall campaign to continue.

A majority of the court agreed in a three-page order that after considering all of the parties’ positions and “bearing in mind the very unique nature” of the case, that it is “neither legally nor practically reasonable” to hold arguments.Washington Examiner

And then – “The prospect of oral argument creates severe tension between important and conflicting priorities,” the order states.”

What say you? WTF!?

So, what is the purpose of the judiciary? You think that a child custody, police shooting, or any other case brought before any court in the country, or the world for that matter, isn’t fraught with oral arguments which create severe tension between important and conflicting parties? I think that is your job! If we are expected to accept that reasoning for hearing – yes hearing – a case. You had better pack up you robes, and framed law degrees and go home. That is your job! What does it really mean? What are the majority justices really saying:


In some short span of time on an appropriate news dump day, probably Friday May 22 or the Friday before the Memorial Day weekend, the ruling on John Doe will be released. Any guesses? Will the laboratory of plutocracy finally prove full control over all three branches of government in Wisconsin. Happy Memorial Day!

Packer tickets, the Pope, and taxes

Blackout averted as Affluenza reaches pandemic stage

The heartbreak of Affluenza

The first outbreak of Affluenza was documented in a film way back in 1954 when it was a loose term to define wealth in general, in 1997 the term described the overload, debt, and waste involved in the pursuit of wealth. popetaxfootballToday, in the latest ugly outbreak, the virulent strain arrives as an excuse for greed and the promulgation of the belief that profit driven organizations are living and breathing people, sort of like the “living dead”. Symptoms often include some form of fantasy with the most prevalent delusion that all human beings are gifted in exactly the same way at birth. So, it follows that any lacking encountered over the course of life is always the fault of the victim – laziness, irresponsibility, lagging, loafing, lethargic behavior.

Last week the insidious delusional symptoms of Affluenza came to force within the NFL when many were shocked at the sluggish sales of tickets of the Sunday Packer/San Francisco playoff game. The expectation of a quick sellout didn’t materialize, and as is typical Affluenza symptoms, the effect of greed and over reach of the affected “corporate people” involved went unnoticed. Social media was quick to come to the conclusion that people just don’t have the extra $500 cash for transportation, accommodations, and tickets for the game. The Affluenza effected media did not mention the hard strapped status of Wisconsin’s middle class as a factor in the sluggish ticket sales, but pointed to the sub zero cold as the primary reason for slow sales.

By Don Walker of the Journal Sentinel

With Ice Bowl-like weather coming, Packers get more time to sell seats

According to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the temperature at game time for the Ice Bowl on Dec. 31, 1967, was 13 below zero. More recently, the Jan. 20, 2008, playoff game between the Packers and the New York Giants was 3 below with a wind chill of 24 below.

The face value of the tickets in the seating bowl is between $102 and $125, depending on seat location. The NFL sets the prices. On the secondary ticket market, prices are hovering at face value.

Many Packer fans just don’t have the cash

Walker’s Affulenza

He stands in silence as 26,200 veterans in Wisconsin are faced with losing Foot Stamp (SNAP) benefits.

He is quick to comment on the fate of thecapdoorlock2 Packer’s on face book, but not a word about the 150,000 people and 4,000 kids at risk of losing access to free/reduced meals.

Further, the cuts proposed in the House would trigger the loss of $170 million to the Wisconsin economy next year.

As is so typical of the Affluenza sufferer – No comment from Walker. Not a word.

His failure to accept the Affordable Care Act as law will take 83,000 people off of Medicaid. Why? So he can show the most conservative base of the GOP that he is tough. Tough enough to let thousands of people suffer to prove a political point.

Yet, we see frequent tweets and face book posts from Walker, “How bout those Packers.”, as some strange pretense that all is well beneath the surface.

Walker Tax reform to provide MORE benefits for the wealthy

Oh, Affluenza in its late stages is not a pretty sight. Even as a promise to create 250,000 jobs by the end of his term through cutting taxes for the wealthy, has faltered, fallen, and failed, a sufferer of Afflenza remains out of touch with reality as demonstrated by Walker’s new push to abolish the state income tax.

Shepherd Express Monday, Dec. 30, 2013 By Joel McNally
Scott Walker’s Scariest Tax Plan Yet

An independent study by the Wisconsin Budget Project found that moving all state income tax revenue onto the sales tax would mean the bottom four-fifths of Wisconsin taxpayers would pay hundreds of dollars more in taxes every year while the top 1% would save an average of $44,000 a year.

Affluenza sufferers are very much like the zombies and walking dead in that they hang together in secret. Most of the legislative initiatives of the GOP in Wisconsin have been developed in secret meetings of organizations like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and financed by dark money – it is necessary to hide the true motives of the wealthy “corporate people”. Walker’s tax reform discussions are no different.

Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is conducting secret meetings where the public and press are not allowed. She explains that, “If you’ve got cameras and reporters with notebooks lining the edges of the room, that amounts to public speaking, and that can make some folks nervous.” – a delusional opinion so typical of the late stages of Affluenza. Sad.

STEVEN VERBURG | Wisconsin State Journal

Video shows businesses lobbying Rebecca Kleefisch for more tax breaks in closed-door meeting

In a closed meeting with Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, business operators argued — sometimes forcefully — for lower taxes and more financial incentives for commercial interests.

A recently released video of the Dec. 9 session at Beloit College shows Kleefisch and state Revenue Department Secretary Rick Chandler extolling state efforts to reduce taxes since Republicans took over state government in 2011, and saying they wanted private-sector ideas for another round of cuts.

“We want to know how we can love you more,” Kleefisch told the group of about 30 executives, managers, accountants and others during the 1-hour, 40-minute session

Blackout averted through the grace of “corporate people”

Our TV blackout nightmare is over.

Sunday’s wild-card playoff game between the Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers is a sellout, ensuring the game will not be blacked out in Milwaukee, Green Bay and Wausau. The Associated Bank corporate person has come through to save the day for fans, and preserve its bottom line. Like any late stage Affluenza sufferer the Associated corporate person spins the message to stifle any accusations of over reach and greed, and launches its corporate self to become a hero!

By Don Walker of the Journal Sentinel

“The franchise announced Friday the game had been sold out. The Packers had until 4 p.m. Friday to avoid an NFL-imposed TV blackout in the three local television markets.”

Walker warns of Burke and "Outside Groups"

Paranoia of the preposterous in the land of the nutty

Out of a wacky week of flim flam sign language interpretation at the Mandela memorial service, and Fox News flip outs over black Santa vs white Jesus – comes Scott Walker’s email to his supporters:


Only 18 days until our reporting deadline on December 31st!

I’m going to need your help again.

As you know, Mary Burke has jumped in the race. Mary is willing and able to kick in millions of her own money into her campaign – in fact, in her last campaign she outspent her opponent nearly 12-to-1, using only her own cash.

And on top of Burke’s personal fortune, numerous outside groups have promised to spend tens of millions of dollars on her behalf.

Burke will command a truly staggering amount of money to direct to negative TV ads, deceptive mailings and the best team of hired guns – many straight from the Obama machine – that money can buy!

What is your favorite line? How about, “numerous outside groups have promised to spend tens of millions of dollars on her?”. How could anything be so nuts? This is like a warning from Bernie Madoff to his investors to watch out for a scam!

This is an email from Scott Walker, who crisscrossed the country for months before his recall election raising money from any and every “outside group” who would listen to him. Now, he is attempting to strike fear in the hearts of his supporters that Mary Burke is prepared to do exactly what he did? Oh yes, he needs help alright, but perhaps money is not the help he needs.

Running with it

It is very difficult to read the email of Scott Walker seriously; without expecting to see the words “The Onion” at the bottom.interpretwalker But, it has been that kind of week in the news, so all one can do is roll with it and have a bit of fun.

Jantjie is the man who was signing for the hearing impaired at Mandela’a Memorial service, and was discovered to be a fake and a fraud. Jantjie has said he suffers from schizophrenia and was hearing voices when he was on stage. He said that he saw angels, according to the Associated Press, and that he could be violent.

Running with the “crazy” of Scott Walker employing the logic of warning supporters of the danger of “outside groups” to raise money – would Jantjie be a likely candidate for a job?

Meanwhile at Faux News

Last week, Fox News host Megyn Kelly made comment about a story in Slate.

Written by Alex Kuzio December 13th 2013 Newslow article that argued Santa Claus needn’tmegyn-kelly always be portrayed as a white man, since children of color often feel left out. “For all you kids watching at home, Santa just is white,” Kelly said. “But this person is just arguing that maybe we should also have a black Santa. But Santa is what he is.”

Shortly after the episode on Fox she was admitted to a psychiatric ward in New York where Doctors who have examined the anchor say that Kelly was suffering from “bizarre delusions” and “obsessiveness.”

The most tasteless reaction to the whole incident came from producers at Fox who said that Kelly’s “insane ideas” were what made her an “effective Fox News host.” “It’ll be tough filling her shoes while she’s gone,” said one producer, “and let’s hope the doctors don’t heal her too well. We’d hate to see her leave cable news for good.”

Welcome to conservative crazy land of Fox News, Scott Walker and the looney logic of crazy cash and money mania.

Walker's Wisconsin – Human needs met with Silence

The most convincing sign of where Walker stands is his silence

He stands in silence as 26,200 veterans in Wisconsin are faced with losing Foot Stamp (SNAP) benefits.

He is quick to comment on the fate of theP1070670 Packer’s on face book, but not a word about the 150,000 people and 4,000 kids at risk of losing access to free/reduced meals.

Further, the cuts proposed in the House would trigger the loss of $170 million to the Wisconsin economy next year.

No comment from Walker. Not a word.

His failure to accept the Affordable Care Act as law will take 83,000 people off of Medicaid. Why? So he can show the most conservative base of the GOP that he is tough. Tough enough to let thousands of people suffer to prove a political point.

Yet all we hear from Walker is, “How bout those Packers.”

What about raising the minimum wage in Wisconsin?

The minimum wage in Wisconsin is exactly the same as dictated by federal law $7.25 per hour. A single person working full time at this wage would barely clear the poverty line and be eligible for food stamps.

But…oh. Food stamps for veterans, children, and most needy are being cut.

And…83,000 people are being denied health care.

What do we hear from Walker, “How about Wisconsin basketball?”

Meanwhile, the income of people like billionaire Diane Hendricksincome-diane is off the charts. Diane Hendricks, who later gave $500,000 to Walker’s campaign, is the one who asked Walker if Wisconsin can “ever get to be a completely red state and work on these unions and become a right-to-work [state]? What can we do to help you?”

Like all of those in in the top 1% she is making even more money than when she made the statement. In fact, if the $7.25 wage had risen at the same rate as her earnings over the past years, it would now stand at $25.18 per hour.

Here is what Walker has said about raising the minimum wage in Wisconsin:

Not only did Walker have nothing to say, he recently told the Huffington Post back in May the he didn’t recall the specifics of a January 2011 video in which he said he would employ a “divide and conquer” strategy against public employee unions.

What about same sex marriage in Wisconsin?

The governor’s whole plan for the state to come in line with the Supreme Court decision legalizing same sex marriage would fit on a elementary school flash card:

By David Edwards
Sunday, November 24, 2013

Scott Walker: Same sex marriage ban is part of a ‘healthy balance’ of LGBT rights

“We’re also a state that has a constitutional amendment that defines marriage as one man, one woman.”

“We’ve had no problems… limited problems with that,” Walker added. “At the same time, we have a constitutional amendment that defines marriage.”

Walker’s Wisconsin will not embrace the right of same sex couples to marry, but will continue to discriminate, penalize, and deny them the human right that is supported by the majority of people across the country and ruled as illegal by the Supreme Court. Instead, the Department of Revenue will require people, who have chosen to express their love in a way that GOP legislators find inappropriate, to fill out a “special form” to enable “special discrimination” – the Form S is for “special”, “scandalize”, “sanctimonious” or dare I say, “santorum”?

Walker's impersonal economy and denial of health care

“We have created new idols. The worship of the ancient golden calf has returned in a new and ruthless guise in the idolatry of money and the dictatorship of an impersonal economy lacking a truly human purpose”

Pope Francis

There comes a time to put aside the roller coaster of politics and look at the tracks. We’ve been through the arguments and analysis of the Affordable Health Care bill and law for years now. Is there anything left to be said, demonstrated, or understood? It is the last few minutes of the final quarter of the game and the ACA is winning over the GOP with a double digit lead. The game is lost. Like it or not, the Affordable Health Care bill is now a law. It will not be repealed.

So, what would a good sportsman do? Accept the loss, let the clock run out, and shower up. But not the red state governors. Not Wisconsin’s Walker. The choice is to bring shame and embarrassment to the spectators of both sides by blaming the refs by throwing a political temper tantrum in the final seconds of the game.

The problem is, of course, that healthcare is not a game. It is a life and death service. Denial of healthcare results in pain and suffering. What is worse, the pain and suffering is totally unnecessary – except to prove a point. The refs made a bad call. The federal government is wrong. Obama and the Democrats are wrong. The GOP is allowing thousands of people in Wisconsin and other states to suffer and die to prove the point.

Walker’s Healthcare shuffle nothing short of cruel

The last ditch, cruel and political decision from Walker is to allow some people to be covered while denying coverage for the poorest and most needy. Remember this is all to prove a point. This is all to delay establishing healthcare exchanges in the state. If he did so, all of the populations could be covered and the federal government would foot the bill. It is that simple.

Instead Walker’s choice is to feed upon the powerless and use the most vulnerable people as pawns in a game of political monopoly. His own stance in the base of the Republican party as a strong opponent of Obama, holds more value to his heart strings than the health and welfare of the people of Wisconsin. It is that cruel.

The Bill

Thursday, December 5, 2013 Beloit Daily News
The bill would delay for three months popewalkerremoving an estimated 72,000 people above the poverty level from the state’s BadgerCare Plus Medicaid program.

The Catch

But to pay for the extension, 83,000 childless adults below poverty won’t get Medicaid until April.

The Reason

“We’re living in the world that was created by the federal government.”

All for a chance to blame Obama

Walker would not miss a chance to play out his power and prove how Obama administration’s health care failures now forced him to take quick action the “healthcare shuffle” bill, and called the Legislature into special session.

The Assembly passed the bill on Wednesday December 4. The Senate will vote on the measure on December 19 – just about a week before Christmas. Happy Holidays for 83,000 Wisconsinites who live below the federal poverty line in the land of Walker’s impersonal economy.

No Tie. Minnesota beats Wisconsin handily….in life

Yes. The football rivalry between Minnesota and Wisconsin dates back to early 60’s and the days of Vince Lombardi and for the most part, Wisconsin’s Packers have dominated over tha past 50 years. But this post is not about a football game, but rather, the great game of real life.

One of those unplanned, spontaneousfootwalkdayton anomalies has erupted to create an interesting new rivalry between the two states on the great gridiron of life. Simply put, in the 2010 elections Minnesota went Progressive – really progressive. Wisconsin went conservative – Tea Party Conservative. So, what we got here is a Monday morning quarterbacking picture of two divergent strategies for real life things like education, job creation, tax policy, and all the fast breaks, and play action passes that allow for real people to thrive in the “pursuit of happiness”. So, what is going right or wrong? Who is winning and why?

Right vs. Left in the Midwest
N.Y. Times Editorial By LAWRENCE R. JACOBS Published: November 23, 2013
… a natural experiment that compares the agendas of modern progressivism and the new right. Wisconsin elected Republicans to majorities in the Legislature and selected a bold and vigorous Republican governor, Scott Walker. Minnesotans elected one of the most progressive candidates for governor in the country, Mark Dayton of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

The season is not over…but Wisconsin is getting trounced

The game plan of Scott Walker and conservatives has been predictably the same since the time of Lombardi – job creation Kristi penalty 3and a vibrant economy will follow cutting taxes, especially for the wealthy.

In Minnesota, Mark Dayton’s plan was to raise taxes by $2.1 billion, the largest increase in recent state history. He ran around the middle to target the top 1 percent of earners to pay 62 percent of the new taxes.

It is late in the third quarter

Since a governor’s term is four years, and we are in the third year of the Walker vs. Dayton. We can extrapolate the success of the two plans of the two governors as they watch the clock tick down in the final minutes of the third quarter of their football game of life.

Job creation and economic growth Wisconsin losing

We are now three years into Mr. Walker’s term, and Wisconsin lags behind Minnesota in job creation and economic growth.


Minnesota is the fifth fastest growing state economy, with private-sector job growth exceeding pre-recession levels. Forbes rates Minnesota as the eighth best state for business.

Walker’s game plan of tax cuts for the wealthy carried the promise to win the game with 250,000 private sector jobs by the end of the game. In harsh reality, the result is that the plan has produced less than 90,000 of those promised jobs putting Wisconsin at 34th among all states in job growth. Forbes’s annual list of best states for business pits Wisconsin as a loser in the bottom half list.

Education Wisconsin losing

The Dayton game plan called for Minnesota’s new tax revenue to be invested in human capital with 71% of available funds invested in K-12 Education, higher education, and programs to create wider access to early childhood learning programs.

By contrast, Mr. Walker’s strategy of austerity called for cutting state funding of K-12 schools by more than 15 percent. A child attending public school in Wisconsin is struggling under the seventh sharpest decline of per student spending in the country.

Health Care Wisconsin is losing…big

Walker’s game plan for health care was formulated under under assistant coach Dennis Smith who came from the Koch Brothers supported, Heritage Foundation. So, Walker refused to establish a state health insurance exchange or to expand Medicaid, even though the federal government covered all costs for three years and most costs after that. This is like being offered a top talent wide receiver and keeping him on the sidelines.

The uninsured and the ill bear the burden. Many of the 10 percent of uninsured Wisconsinites were denied new Medicaid benefits and were shunted off to the federal exchange’s stumbling website without any help or coaching from the sidelines.

Meanwhile on the Minnesota sideline, Mr. Dayton was on course to improve Minnesota’s low uninsured rate. He expanded Medicaid to cover an additional 35,000 people and accepted Washington’s offer to pick up the cost. Mr. Dayton embraced the Affordable Health Care plan and created a state insurance exchange, which enrolled more than 90 percent of its first month’s target. Minnesota is winning big time. The state’s innovative medical care and nonprofit insurers produce premiums in its insurance exchange that are, on average, the lowest in the country, well below premiums in Wisconsin.

Analysis of the stats resulting from the game plans of the two governors present an obvious and glaring difference for the people of the two states. Minnesota working under the plan of raising taxes for the wealthy, is winning at providing for the pursuit of happiness for the people of Minnesota.

Wisconsin loses

Walkers plan of cutting taxes fore the wealthiest in Wisconsin, cutting spending for education, and dismissing setting up insurance exchanges and expanding medicare for purely political reasons – leave the people at a loss when compared to their neighbors to the West.

The only hope for future victory in Wisconsin is to get a new coach.

John Doe – Stay denied, Plot thickens

“What’s past is prologue.”
― William Shakespeare, The Tempest

The subjects of the expanding John Doe investigation (see partial list at lower right) hired heavy duty lawyers to block the perfectstorminvestigation that has spread to at least five counties in Wisconsin. Some have speculated, much to the delight of wounded progressives, how the current investigation carries the potential to explode the secret workings behind the recall campaigns like an over done baked potato in an oven of deceit.

Daniel Bice No Quarter Nov. 23

The first time Milwaukee County prosecutors launched a secret criminal investigation of allies of Gov. Scott Walker, those on the right were largely silent.

There were no online attacks, no litigation and few talk-radio rants — until charges were filed. Conservatives took their lead from the governor, who said he would trust the process to clear him.

A new investigation has triggered a wholesale change in tactics.

The request for a halt was denied in short order by the three judges — Brian Blanchard, Joanne Kloppenburg and Paul Lundsten — rejected the final two arguments, saying they “plainly lack merit” but ordered the parties to submit additional arguments on the remaining claims.

Court: No halt for now to secret John Doe investigation

DEE J. HALL | Wisconsin State Journal

In an order released late Friday afternoon, the 4th District Court of Appeals ordered that the “motion to stay all further proceedings in the underlying John Doe investigations is denied at this time.”

John Doe may well be onto the trail of crumbs, consisting of the Koch Brothers money as it was shielded by the organizations on the list. Oh and what a list it is, implicating people who have risen into political fortune and fame as a result of the effort. The Koch coin rolled into a Scott Walker’s Campaign, which was lead by Senator Ron Johnson and into the coffers of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, which was lead by the current leader of the National GOP Party, Reince Priebus.

If the health care web site is Obama’s Katrina, John Doe holds the promise of becoming the Tea Party assassination.

Walker’s campaign

Wisconsin Club for Growth

Republican Governors Association

Republican Party of Wisconsin

Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce

Wisconsin Family Action

League of American Voters

The perfect storm of corruption

High pressured corruption has been swirling through the recent recall campaigns in Wisconsin and now, it is converging with an updraft with the most recent eruption of crony political scandal, to set the ship of the Walker campaign tossing in a tempest of just revenge.

A hint of the damaging winds contained with the subpenaed documents was portrayed in the Cognitive Dissonance blog. Just one snippet of the hundreds of pages of docs reveals the slippery sluice of money awash in the super storm atmosphere of hurricane Koch.

Cognitive Dissonance Friday, November 22, 2013

Son of Doe: Gunsmoke
But at the bottom of this page is a note which apparently is supposed to be a sort of name-dropping reference regarding the work he (Paul Behing who is an IT guy) did for the campaign of David “Chokehold” Prosser. Read it closely several times. It is simply jaw dropping in what he says:

Note: Justice Prosser sent a letter to me an I thought you may wish to forward if appropriate. I needed to get very creative with diverse State and National organizations to help his campaing due to being financially capped at $300,000 and it was a non-partisan race without the benefit of normal political party help which was very different than working with Governor Walker’s Team. Justice Prosser is an experienced Justice on our Supreme Court and a pleasure to work with.

If this one little shell of shame is an example of the trash now being uncovered in the sea of slime surrounding the GOP campaign activity…can you just imagine?

While the John Doe pressure rises new storms appear

The alphabet soup of storms centers around the investigation by Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups (CWAG). Ken Mosentine, former President of GWAAR files complaint against the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources (GWAAR) for the wrongful and the unethical conduct of its executives and Governor Walker’s political appointees at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS)

Walker’s Aging Agencies Breaks Ethics & Federal Laws
by Website on November 20, 2013

Through a year-long investigation by CWAG’s outside legal experts, CWAG discovered the misuse and mismanagement of federal funds by DHS, GWAAR and MCDA. In the case of Walker’s former political appointees at MCDA, Stephanie Sue Stein falsified her Economic Interest Statement over the last five years by lying and covering up the fact that she is the Corporate Vice President of a Wisconsin based privately-held, non-stock Corporation called the; “WI Assoc. of Area Agency on Aging Directors Inc. (Wis4A’s).”

Here is the CWAG’s website

While the Walker Campaign is bracing from the John Doe investigation swirling over Wisconsin more allegations of corruption and cover up are rising up from within the Capitol itself to create the perfect storm.

The Captain and crew of the vessel of doomed ship “Unintimidated” seem to be trying to stay out in front of the storm through the release of allegations that the storm is the workings of witchcraft. Heavy hitting lawyers are being summoned to the deck to pump out legal briefs, while public relations experts are below deck tightening up the leaks and fissures in the failing vessel.

All the Koch money in the world is but a damp life preserver in the eye of the perfect storm.