The Akin therory is TRUE For Vote Machines – NOT WOMEN

The Akin Remark

“First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare,” Akin told KTVI-TV in an interview Sunday. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

More than a hundred media stories will justifiably hammer at the Senate Candidate for his outrageous and misinformed remark and debate whether he will be allowed to remain on the GOP ticket in Missouri where even the Tea Party is calling for his departure from the race.

So, kindly forgive the piggy-backing of this post to a hot topic. The only defense I offer is that stories about vote machines seldom make a bleep on the radar of public awareness, and although the Akin remark in context is despicable, I could not help but offer a opportunistic slant on his remarks when it comes to voting machines:

When voting machines are raped, they have a tendency to try to shut the whole thing down.

The Akin remark hurts since it harkens back to a time of denial regarding rape when a patriarchal society failed to grasp the deep personal violence of the act or the frequency at which such violence occurred. This is were we are today when it comes to the counting of our vote by secret programming and I have framed the Akin remark to suggest that today’s America is in the same period of denial regarding elections that is was in regarding women’s rights years ago.

In keeping with the outrageous and sexually oriented context of Akin’s remark, let us pose another question:

Can machines have conjugal relationships and replicate? Evidence in Wisconsin suggests they can…and have!

The picture at the right shows Wisconsin Attorney General Van Holen centered on the machine of choice in most Wisconsin precincts including the County of Waukesha, the infamous home of County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus. – The Sequoia Edge voting machine. Read Nickolaus – Jurors Have You Reached a Verict?

Van Holen is now asking the court to “speed up” the rule on the Voter ID Law: “My action today, now allowed under the Court’s rules of procedure, gives the Wisconsin Supreme Court another opportunity to bring prompt, clear resolution to the law and settle this matter in advance of the November elections. Badger Democracy

This same voting machine may have self replicating DNA programing which is activated from the right side of the brain of election officials.

Evidence suggests that the result is the creation of a whole new entity that reflects the insidious nature of the parent product. More alarming, the nature of the new entity works in direct opposition to the Walker pronouncement, “The bottom line is we are trying to balance our budget and there really is no room to negotiate on that because we’re broke”. The new entity works in direct opposition to the Governor’s goal. It mindlessly drains money directly from the tax payers of Wisconsin to keep itself alive. The tax dollars of a “broke” State are its food which it devours at an increasingly alarming rate.

The New Replicated Entity

As demonstrated below, the new entity can be charted along the same chemical chain as Viagra, the drug causing an erection in males.

At the top of the chain are the Sequoia voting machines components of Waukesha County Clerk, Kathy Nickolaus and Attorney General Van Holen.

The surprising reaction is demonstrated on the next levels with the replication of Raymond Taffora and Steve Means who are both off-spring of the Van Holen Department of Justice. They show up in the chain as links to the Michael Best Law Firm which is the final voracious eater of Wisconsin tax payer dollars. “So far, the state has paid Michael Best $96,200 for the ongoing work on several cases, with $197,900 in outstanding invoices.”

Where Does the Money Go…and Why?

The Capitol battles over union bargaining and political redistricting proposals have paid off for one group: politically connected GOP lawyers. The Troupis Law Office and the firm of Michael Best & Friedrich, with partners who included Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, have received special counsel contracts from Walker paying up to $300 an hour along with legislative contracts worth up to $395 an hour.

Signing the contract for Michael Best was the firm’s Raymond Taffora, who until January was serving at the Department of Justice as the top deputy to Van Hollen. Taffora also served as the chief legal counsel to then-GOP Gov. Tommy Thompson.

Steve Means, executive assistant at the agency, said of the decision to recommend outside counsel ,”we were stretched very thin. We have a limited number of lawyers here, none of our other responsibilities went away and we were faced with a new amount of litigation that was high profile and important to the state,”

Unlike, Viagra which is designed to lose it’s erectile effect in four hours, this tax-dollar-eating entity has the half life of a lawyer in search of higher fees.

Read Fees Soar for Wisconsin Taxpayers

So what are the chances of being caught when rigging an election?

Remember that corporations that are the venders that supply all the machines, programing, and tabulation for any given election have no oversight in that nobody has access or has examined the programing used by these venders to count your vote. Not the Government Accountability Board, not the legislature, not the court – NOBODY. Do you think this might increase the chances of manipulation on the dark side and getting away with it? Republicans, Democrats, Independents, all have an equal chance if they have the dark operative and the money. Human nature and the cheats of past history from Bernie Madoff to Plunkitt of Tammany Hall tell us this is not good. This is the accident waiting to happen or is it happening now?

On a scale of 1 to 10 with “1” being “no election fraud” and “10” being “Obvious election fraud” – where do you stand? Your response might also be charted on the “Grieving Chart” below.

The Steps of Grieving for the loss of voice in Democracy

Stage 1: Denial

Stage 2: Bargaining

Stage 3: Anger

Stage 4: Despair

Stage 5: Acceptance

The majority of people remain at “stage 1”. Unfortunately this includes most people in the media, the government (Democrat – Independent – Republican), and most voters.

A growing number of people who have looked at exit poll research, the history and development of electronic vote machines, and anomalies in our elections in the past decade are at “stage 3”.

For myself, I have teetered between “stage 3” and “stage 4” and hope and pray that I will never slide to “stage 5”.


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